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  • No.SBF0477(2016/12/22)

Suntory Green Tea Iyemon Tokucha (FOSHU) Over 1 billion Bottles Sold!

Suntory Beverage & Food Limited (SBF) is pleased to announce that sales of Suntory Green Tea Iyemon Tokucha (FOSHU) have been strong and that in November 2016 product sales exceeded 1 billion*1 bottles sold since its release. This represents the fastest pace ever for the FOSHU beverage market.

*1 Based on 500ml PET bottles. SBF sales for October 2013 – November 2016, excludes Tokucha Caffeine Zero.

Released in October 2013, Iyemon Tokucha is a FOSHU (food for specified health uses) beverage that helps the lowering of body fat and is the first FOSHU soft drink that focuses on the breakdown of body fat. As a FOSHU soft drink that works to lower body fat, Iyemon Tokucha is perfect not only for drinking with meals, but also as for drinking during work and sports. Iyemon Tokucha features a pleasing flavor that can be enjoyed daily. Customer feedback has been very positive, with comments received including “I drink Tokucha as a casual way to care for my health,” “I like the taste of Tokucha so it is easy for me to drink regularly,” and “Tokucha has become my daily partner.”

In August of this year, we released Iyemon Tokucha Caffeine Zero as a product that brings new value to the Iyemon Tokucha brand. Iyemon Tokucha Caffeine Zero is a blend tea with a mild taste that is particularly popular among female customers.

We will continue to meet the needs of various customers and solidify the position of Iyemon Tokucha as the No. 1*2 FOSHU beverage.

*2 INTAGE SRI data; FOSHU drink market / December 2015 – November 2016 Iyemon Tokucha (FOSHU) sales.
Sites: Total for Supermarkets, convenience stores, drug stores in Japan

▼Suntory Iyemon Tokucha (Japanese only)

 Suntory Iyemon Tokucha website (Japanese only)

 Suntory Health Beverage NAVI (Japanese only)

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