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  • No.SBF0418(2016/5/17)

Strongest carbonation and caffeine ever offered by Pepsi
in a pressure resistant bottle with a maximum gas volume of 5.0GV*!

Pepsi Strong 5.0 GV and Pepsi Strong 5.0GV< Zero>

Suntory Beverage & Food Limited (SBF) announces the nationwide launch of new additions to the Pepsi Strong brand of Pepsi beverages. Set to revolutionize the carbonated beverage market, the regular version, Pepsi Strong 5.0GV, and the zero calorie version, Pepsi Strong 5.0GV Zero, will hit stores on June 21 (Tuesday).

* GV (gas volume) is the unit of measurement indicating the amount of carbonated gas contained in a beverage. Under normal conditions, 1L of liquid containing 1L of dissolved carbonated gas is called 1GV.

Last year, SBF developed Pepsi Strong, which offers strong carbonation and strong caffeine, to address growing consumer needs for a “Strong Impact” that provides refreshment and relieves stress during a busy day of work. Pepsi Strong has been a hit among consumers. SBF’s latest addition to the Pepsi Strong lineup seeks to spark a revolution in the “carbonation” that delivers the strong impact of carbonated beverages such as cola. The results of this innovation are Pepsi Strong 5.0GV and Pepsi Strong 5.0GV Zero, which achieve the strongest carbonation ever offered by Pepsi.

Characteristics of the product’s flavor
Maintaining the existing strong caffeine profile that has been so popular among consumers, we employed a new bottle capable of withstanding a maximum gas volume of 5.0GV to spark a revolution in carbonated beverages. This new bottle enable carbonation injection at gas pressures higher than ever before to achieve the strongest carbonation ever offered by Pepsi. Additionally, we improved the aroma profile to offer a strong impact and refreshing flavor that far surpasses the previous Pepsi Strong.

*Due to manufacturing characteristics, gas volume at injection is approximately 5.0GV to 4.5GV.

Package characteristics
We employed a new bottle capable of withstanding a maximum gas volume of 5.0GV. To adequately express the innovative cola with its strong carbonation, the design features a black cap that matches the color of the beverage and a metallic band to achieve a sharp and refined look. The package also features the name STRONG 5.0GV.


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▼Product overview

Product nameVolumeMSRP
(tax not included)
Pepsi Strong 5.0GV  490 ml PET bottle ¥140 24 bottles/case
Pepsi Strong 5.0GV <Zero>
Pepsi Strong 5.0GV* 430 ml PET bottle ¥124

*Available only in vending machines.

▼Release date   June 21, 2016 (Tuesday)

▼Region   Nationwide

Pepsi website (Japanese only)

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