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  • No.SBF0471(2016/11/15)

Suntory Beverage & Food Named as CDP Water 2016 A List Company

Suntory Beverage & Food (SBF) has been named as a CDP Water 2016 A List Company. This honor is a symbol of the high praise from CDP in recognition of SBF for its activities related to water resource cultivation and reducing water use at our plants.
SBF was named one of the twenty four A List Companies selected from the 1,252 companies targeted for the global survey.

This result was announced at the CDP’s Global Water Forum 2016 held in Marrakesh Morocco on November 15 (Tues.). In Japan, a report presentation will be held in Tokyo on December 5 (Mon.).

CDP is an international, not-for-profit organization providing the only global system for companies and cities to measure, disclose, manage and share vital environmental information. Since 2003, working on behalf of numerous institutional investors, CDP annually gathers, analyzes, and publishes information on major global companies related to greenhouse gas emissions and business risks and opportunities related to climate change. CDP began gathering and analyzing information related to water risks in 2010. Since 2014, CDP has conducted surveys of 150 Japanese corporations and began evaluating response in 2015. This year, CDP is conducting its survey based on participation from 826 institutional investors around the world (total investment capital: US $100 trillion).

As a corporation that is sustained by the great bounty of nature, SBF believes it is duty-bound to alleviate the burden placed on the environment. SBF has set up the "Target toward 2020*1" as part of Suntory Group’s "Environmental Vision toward 2050," which aims to pass down a sustainable global environment to the next generation based on the pillars of "preserving and regenerating the natural environment" and "reducing environmental impact."

*1(1) Reduction of the water used in own factories for cleaning and cooling of production equipment and containers by 42%*2
(2) Reduction of CO2 emissions in the value chain by 25%*2. This will be achieved by further lightening containers, using recycled materials and plant-derived materials in the containers, and by proactively introducing the most energy-efficient vending machines in the country.

*2 Reduction in per unit production based on the business areas in 2007

We believe the results of CDP 2016 reflect CDP’s recognition of SBF’s efforts related to preserving and regenerating the natural environment. Such efforts include the Suntory Global Innovation Center water resource cultivation activities based on scientific evidence developed through collaborations with Suntory Institute for Water Science, local universities and other specialist institutions, and environmental impact reduction efforts promoting the effective utilization of water resources, including the use of water cascades* at plants as a way to reduce water usage.
Moving forward, the SBF Group will further promote environment management based on our corporate message of Follow Your Nature.

*Technology based on categorizing water used in manufacturing processes by grade (level of purity), such as cooling water, washing water, etc., so that high-grade water can gradually be reused in lower grades where the desired application can be fulfilled by the grade of the remaining water.

▽SBF website (environmental activities)

▽CDP website

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