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  • No.SBF0506(2017/3/7)

Revamped Orangina

The Sparkling Orange Beverage for Adults with Enhanced Fruit Flavor
Blood Orangina Relaunched as Orangina Premier Rouge

Suntory Beverage & Food Limited (SBF) announces the nationwide launch of Orangina featuring a revamped flavor and packaging on March 28 (Tues.). SBF also revamped Blood Orangina, which will be launched on the same day as Orangina Premier Rouge.

Orangina is a carbonated beverage containing fruit juice that has been a long-time favorite since it was first introduced in France in 1936. The drink was launched in Japan in 2012 and is popular for its fresh orange flavor and natural bitterness that is derived from orange peel extract.

Since the launch of Orangina in Japan in 2012, the carbonated beverage market has grown steadily, particularly among consumers age 40 and older. To further increase consumer satisfaction among the 40 and over adult generation that has greatly supported Orangina, we revamped the flavor and packaging of Orangina to offer a more elegant beverage packed with the delicious flavor of fruit and solidify Orangina’s position as the sparkling orange beverage for adults.

●Characteristics of the product’s flavor
We enhanced the fresh aroma of hand-squeezed orange and increased the sensation of fruit pulp to create a rich fruitiness like that of fresh squeezed oranges. And using our proprietary blending technology, we achieved a combination of the complex fruit flavors and natural mild bitterness enjoyed by adults.

●Package characteristics
For the packaging, we use a tri-color design featuring a deep blue to incorporate a French style and convey an adult feel. We also changed the label shape to make the beverage color more visible. The result is a design that easily conveys the deliciousness of fruit. The design also features five different embossing styles for our customers to enjoy.

●New launch of Orangina Premier Rouge
We also revamped Blood Orangina, the popular beverage launched last year, and are relaunching the beverage as Orangina Premier Rouge. Orangina Premier Rouge features a satisfying yet refreshing flavor with a sweet bitterness enjoyed by adults. With a label design based on a ribbon and a product name that expresses “that special red” in French, Orangina Premier Rouge exudes a feeling of luxury.

●Promotional activities
Timed with the revamping of Orangina, we will conduct aggressive marketing activities based on the theme of an “Orangina Vacances”, an homage to the beverage’s history as a beloved flavor since the brand’s founding in 1936 as the flavor of the French Mediterranean.

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▼Product overview

Product nameVolumeMSRP
(tax not included)
PackagingRelease date
Orangina 1.2 liter PET bottle


8 bottles/case March 28
420 ml PET bottle 140 24 bottles/case
340 ml can 115
160 ml can 70 30 bottles/case
Orangina Premier Rouge  420 ml PET bottle 160 24 bottles/case

▼Region: Nationwide

Orangina website (Japanese only):

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