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  • No.SBF0510(2017/3/15)

From the canned coffee BOSS comes a BOSS that's not a canned coffee
Introducing New Series Craft BOSS

New series for working people in the "3rd Generation".
Black, first product in series, launches on April 4 (Tues.)

Suntory Beverage & Food Limited (SBF) announces the nationwide launch of a new lineup in the BOSS brand, the Craft BOSS series. The first product in this series, Craft BOSS Black, and the second product, Craft BOSS Latte, will be available from April 4 (Tues.) and June 13 (Tues.), respectively.

Since first rolled out in 1992, BOSS has been a long-selling favorite that many consumers recognize as the “coffee of the working people.” By continuously enhancing our lineup with products that fulfill the diverse needs of our customers and through captivating TV commercials and consumer campaigns, BOSS has become a brand that is loved by our customers and that continues to achieve growth since its launch.

Recent years have seen continued growth of the domestic coffee market as ways to enjoy coffee have diversified. In addition to canned coffees, we have seen increasing popularity of cafes, take-out coffee at convenience stores, and home coffee brewing.
At the same time, we also are seeing the increasing diversification of work styles that are no longer limiting workers to the office or specific work hours. The resulting changes in how people work and take breaks has led to the diversification of the value consumers seek in coffee. These changes are typified by consumers who want coffee nearby during both work and breaks, people who prefer to drink coffee slowly while they work, and people who want to purchase their coffee in the morning and carry it with them all day. Amid such diversification of coffee consumption and desired value, we recognize the rise of a “3rd generation” of coffee consumers who don’t embrace canned or bottle-shaped canned coffee.

We launched Craft BOSS as the coffee beverage to be chosen as the partner for and provide value to this “3rd Generation”. The first product in this series, Craft BOSS Black, and the second product, Craft BOSS Latte, will be available from April 4 (Tues.) and June 13 (Tues.), respectively.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of BOSS. With the launch of Craft BOSS as a new lineup in the series, we will aim for further growth as the coffee brand that is loved across all working styles and generations.

●Characteristics of the product’s flavor
We strove for a flavor that reflects the new working styles of contemporary office workers. Assuming gradual consumption over a longer period of time, we painstakingly applied over 200 processes* to achieve a flavor that is satisfying remains refreshing throughout consumption.

*Number of steps involved in roasting, extraction, and blending.

<Craft BOSS Black>
Featuring a blend of 5 types of coffee selected, roasted, and extracted with the greatest of care, we achieved an easy-to-drink coffee that has a clear richness that has depth without being too bitter.

<Craft BOSS Latte>
Painstakingly prepared coffee is combined with carefully selected domestically-produced milk and cream produced in Hokkaido to achieve a smooth, mild coffee depth that is not too sweet.

●Package characteristics
New used a newly developed original PET bottle. Expressing the luxurious nature of coffee while featuring a fresh design that allows the contents to be visible, we added the Craft BOSS logo to present a design that conveys the painstaking effort poured into the product.

Timed with the launch of this new series, we will conduct aggressive promotional activities, including sampling campaigns and new TV commercials to invigorate the launch of the Craft BOSS series.

-- Memo –

▼Product overview

Product nameVolumeMSRP
(tax not included)
PackagingRelease date
Craft BOSS Black 500 ml PET bottle ¥160 24 bottles/case April 4
Craft BOSS Latte ¥170 June 13

*Craft BOSS Latte in 280ml PET bottles (vending machines only) will be available from May 16 (Tues.).

▼Region   Nationwide

BOSS website (Japanese only)

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