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  • No.SBF0528(2017/4/24)

Revamped GREEN DAKARA Yasashii Mugicha and GREEN DAKARA

Suntory Beverage & Food Limited (SBF) announces the launch of a newly revamped version of GREEN DAKARA Yasashii Mugicha on May 23, 2017 (Tuesday) in Japan. Also revamped is GREEN DAKARA, which will be released on the same day.

The GREEN DAKARA brand has been widely popular among customers ranging from children to adults as a drink made from familiar ingredients.
SBF has now revamped the flavor and package of GREEN DAKARA Yasashii Mugicha and GREEN DAKARA and will launch TV commercials and other aggressive marketing activities to further increase customers.

●About the renewed GREEN DAKARA Yasashii Mugicha
GREEN DAKARA Yasashii Mugicha is a barely tea that is caffeine-free and made from ingredients that are familiar in our daily lives (barley, brown rice, adlay, soy bean, and seaweed).
Offering unique value that combines a refreshing yet robust flavor with the brand’s distinct gentle image, sales of GREEN DAKARA Yasashii Mugicha have increased steadily.
With this product revamping, SBF aims to further invigorate a mugicha market that is expected to see continued growth in the future.

<Flavor and package characteristics>
Continue to employ the current “off-flavor removal method” we maintain a flavor that is robust yet free of unpleasant bitterness and off-flavors while increasing the volume of Nijo mugi (barely) and brown rice to enhance the initial robustness.
For the package, we use easy-to-understand illustrations to represent familiar ingredients. Also, the name Yasashii Mugicha and the green heart of the GREEN DAKARA brand are enlarged to visibly promote the gentle image of the beverage.

●About the renewed GREEN DAKARA
GREEN DAKARA has been widely popular among customers as a daily hydration drink made from familiar ingredients with a pleasant flavor profile. GREEN DAKARA is also recommended as a countermeasure to heat exhaustion*1.
With this product revamping, we will further invigorate the hydration beverage market, including the market for sports drinks as we head into the summer.

<Flavor and package characteristics>
We maintain the popular refreshing taste and the ratio of 40mg of sodium to 100ml of fluid, the ideal hydration beverage profile for countering heat exhaustion, while increasing the fruit juice content to further accent the natural delicious flavor of the beverage ingredients.
We also have made the 540ml PET bottle freezer safe to allow consumers to enjoy GREEN DAKARA in a greater variety of situations, including during summer sports as well as leisure and outdoor activities.
To express the natural deliciousness of the ingredients, we use fruit illustrations for the package. The words “fruit”, “minerals”, and “hydration” are featured in large text on the front of the package to visibly promote the value of GREEN DAKARA.

*1. The Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare recommends 40 – 80mg of sodium per 100ml as a countermeasure to heat exhaustion.

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▼Product overview

Product nameVolumeMSRP
(tax not included)
PackagingRelease date
GREEN DAKARA Yasashii Mugicha 2 liter PET bottle ¥330 6 bottles/case May 23 (Tuesday)
650 ml PET bottle 130 24 bottles/case
435 ml PET bottle*3 124
GREEN DAKARA 2 liter PET bottle 330 6 bottles/case
540 ml PET bottle*2 130 24 bottles/case
500 ml PET bottle*3 130
280 ml PET bottle 115

*2. Only 540ml PET bottle is freezer safe.

*3. Product for vending machines only.

▼Release date   May 23, 2017 (Tuesday)

▼Region   Nationwide

▼GREEN DAKARA website (Japanese only)


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Toll free: 0120-139-320   2-3-3 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 135-8631

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