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  • No.SBF0570(2017/9/7)

New Suntory Tennensui PREMIUM MORNING TEA Milk

Follow-up to the well-received Suntory Tennensui PREMIUM MORNING TEA Lemon is a transparent milk tea

On September 26 (Tuesday), Suntory Beverage & Food Limited (SBF) is launching the nationwide sale of the Suntory Tennensui PREMIUM MORNING TEA Milk – a transparent milk tea – as part of its Suntory Tennensui Product lineup.
The Suntory Tennensui brand has continued to expand sales since it was first launched in 1991 and is a long-selling brand that has remained No. 1*1 on the mineral water market for 21 years consecutively. In 2016, Suntory Tennensui became the first brand for the Suntory soft drink business to achieve*2 annual sales of 100 million cases.

*1. Intage SRI Research: Mineral water sales volume, January 1996 through December 2016 (monetary amount)
[Retail outlets]
1996 – 2001 total for SM/CVS/general liquor shops/beverage & food shops/bakeries
2002 – 2006 total for SM/CVS/drug stores/general liquor shops/beverage & food shops/bakeries
2007 - 2016 total for SM/CVS/drug stores

*2. Sales volume for 2016: 100.6 million cases. YoY 106%.

Suntory Tennensui PREMIUM MORNING TEA Lemon, which was launched in April of this year, represented the creation of a new category and has been wildly popular as a unique transparent lemon tea that is perfect for enriched mornings.
The launch of the new Suntory Tennensui PREMIUM MORNING TEA Milk, serves to bolster the category of transparent teas and promote further growth for the beverage market.

During product development, like Suntory Tennensui PREMIUM MORNING TEA Lemon, we focused on creating a product that is both clear & tasty, and natural & healthy – the unique values of the Suntory Tennensui brand – while also focusing on consumption occasions in the morning, the start of our day. We aim to offer new value by proposing a way to spend enriched mornings on your way to having a wonderful day.
Suntory Tennensui PREMIUM MORNING TEA Milk features tea leaves perfect for milk tea and milk-based ingredients to achieve a beverage that is transparent while offering richness and aroma of milk tea, and a refreshing aftertaste.

●Characteristics of the product’s flavor
A focus on materials to achieve both the depth and aroma of tea and a refreshing aftertaste.
-Focus on raw materials
We select and use Assam tea leaves, which are perfect for milk tea.
We use milk-based ingredients to achieve the richness of milk.
-Focus on aroma
Using the same production method as PREMIUM MORNING TEA Lemon, we luxuriously extract and use the vibrant aroma of the tea leaves to create a rich aroma.
-Focus on aftertaste
We use milk-based ingredients to achieve the smooth yet rich flavor of milk tea with a refreshing aftertaste.

●Package characteristics
We maintain the same stylish design of PREMIUM MORNING TEA Lemon to express enriched mornings while adding design elements associated with milk tea.
-Cap and label
We use a dark blue cap and label with a milk tea design to express the richness of milk and the refreshing flavor of tea.
-PET bottle
The upper portion of the bottle is debossed and features the text “PREMIUM” and “REFRESH & RELAX” to express enriched mornings.

Prior to sales launch, we will conduct a marketing campaign based on the keyword “morning” and other communications activities to add excitement to the launch of Suntory Tennensui PREMIUM MORNING TEA Milk.

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▼Product overview

Product nameVolumeMSRP
(tax not included)
PackagingRelease date
Suntory Tennensui PREMIUM MORNING TEA Milk 550 ml ¥131 24 bottles/case September 26 
280ml*3 ¥115

*3. Vending machines only

▼Region  Nationwide

Suntory Tennensui PREMIUM MORNING TEA Milk website (Japanese only)

Suntory Tennensui website (Japanese only)

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