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  • No.SBF0669(2018/4/19)

A new color comes to the Craft BOSS series! Craft BOSS “Brown” soon to be released

“Brown” a new category of coffee, comes to the popular Craft BOSS series

Suntory Beverage and Food Limited (SBF) will launch Craft BOSS “Brown” nationwide on June 19 (Tuesday) as the newest member of its Craft Boss series.

Last year, when Craft BOSS released “Black” in April and “Latte” in June, their refreshing, never tiresome tastes and stylish package designs made them a huge success, even among young adults and women who never really enjoyed canned coffee. In the first year alone, more than 10 million cases were sold. This year they continue to be popular, with more than 5 million cases already sold.

Now, for people who prefer their coffee with less milk and sugar, Suntory adds “Brown” to its lineup, a new category of coffee that is different from both Black and Latte.

● Taste and Package Characteristics
Modeled on black coffee sweetened with just one packet each of creamer and liquid sweetener, the drink combines the rich aroma of coffee with a satisfying but refreshingly light sweet taste.
The packaging adopts the unique and popular Craft BOSS bottle design. Visible through the bottle, the relaxed brown liquid symbolizes a flavor to be enjoyed peacefully as a companion during work.

With the addition of Craft BOSS “Brown” to its lineup, Suntory continues to grow the plastic bottle coffee market with the active marketing of the Craft Boss series.


● About the new Craft BOSS “Brown”
▼ Product name, volume, suggested retail price (before tax), and packing
Craft BOSS “Brown”
500ml plastic bottle   ¥170   24 bottles/case

▼Launch date    June 19 (Tuesday), 2018

▼Region    Nationwide

Craft BOSS website (Japanese only)

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