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  • No.SBF0745(2018/9/7)

New Production Base for Suntory Tennensui in Omachi, Nagano – Place Where It Is Possible to Experience the Clear Tennensui Brand

Fourth Water Source of Suntory Tennensui Following on from the Minami-Alps, Aso and Okudaisen

Suntory Beverage & Food Limited (SBF) (Head Office: Tokyo / President: Saburo Kogo) has signed a plant location agreement with Omachi, Nagano Prefecture (Mayor: Toru Ushikoshi).

Suntory Tennensui has received strong support from our customers for its cool and pure clear tastiness. This has led to Suntory Tennensui achieving an annual sales volume exceeding 100 million cases in succession in 2016 and 2017. We plan to exceed 110 million cases in 2018 and we greatly increased sales by 109% compared to the previous year in the first half of the year.

Currently, we provide our customers with Suntory Tennensui cultivated in good quality water sources from three areas – the Minami-Alps (Yamanashi), Aso (Kumamoto) and Okudaisen (Tottori). However, we had been searching for a fourth water source to build an even more stable supply structure with the aim of becoming the number one soft drink brand. We have now chosen to advance into Omachi, Nagano from among more than 60 candidate locations. Omachi is surrounded by abundant nature and is blessed with good quality water. It will serve as our new water source suitable for the Suntory Tennensui brand. Omachi, which is located at the foot of the Kita-Alps, has been known for the beauty of its view of the mountains seen from the city and for being blessed with abundant water since ancient times. The waterworks in the city are even now completely supplied by natural springs.

We will set up a new experiential facility in this area. While serving as a production base, it will allow visitors to the plant to come into contact with the value of Suntory Tennensui through a variety of contents and to experience the brand’s cool and pure clear tastiness.

Moreover, we plan to work with Omachi City and Nagano prefecture in the future to also develop activities to conserve the abundant natural environment that cultivates water resources.

We will continue to provide clear Suntory Tennensui to our customers while preserving the natural environment of water sources in the future.

●About Omachi, Nagano
Omachi is located at the entrance on the Nagano side to the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route which includes the Kurobe Dam that was called a great undertaking of the century. In addition to Kurobe Dam, this area is home to the Nishina Three Lakes (Lake Aoki, Lake Nakatsuna and Lake Kizaki), which enchant with their appearances in each season, and Takase Valley, which is a leading scenic spot in the prefecture for the beauty of its fall leaves. This means that Omachi has the blessings of nature and a culture suitable to be called “a city where water is born.”

●About the Water in Omachi, Nagano
Omachi, Nagano, which is also known for the beauty of its view of the 3,000 meter class Kita-Alps, is surrounded by abundant nature. This makes it the ideal place for Suntory Tennensui which values cool and pure clear tastiness. This water is refined by the mountains of the Kita-Alps and contains a moderate amount of minerals. This means it is a mild beverage with a refreshing pleasantness when drunk.

●About Our Environmental Conservation Activities
The Suntory Group as a company that has made the pledge of “Mizu To Ikiru (living with water)” to society, tackles conservation activities for natural environments where sustainable water resources are cultivated. We have been working on the Natural Water Sanctuary Project* (a water resource cultivation activity) and the Suntory “Mizuiku” (Natural Water Education Program) in the Minami-Alps, Aso and Okudaisen. We will continue to conserve the environment while cooperating with the city and prefecture under this basic concept in this area as well.

*We have developed a water resource cultivation activity over approximately 9,000 ha (20 locations in 14 prefectures) in the Suntory Natural Water Sanctuary Project. We are aiming to expand the area of the Natural Water Sanctuary Project to a size where we will cultivate twice the amount of groundwater used in our own plants and dedicated lines in plants of subcontractors in Japan.

●About the Suntory Tennensui Brand
The Suntory Group has been committed to water and has cherished the concept of “making good products from good water” since our establishment. We launched our symbolic brand for this called “Minami-Alps Tennensui” in 1991. We have since then provided many customers with cool and pure clear Tennensui. The Suntory Tennensui brand has been the number one brand in the mineral water market for 22 consecutive years* while its sales volume has continued to increase since we launched it in 1991.

*Intage SRI Research: Mineral water sales volume, January 1996 through December 2017 (monetary amount)
[Retail outlets] 1996 – 2001 total for SM/CVS/general liquor shops/beverage & food shops/bakeries
2002 – 2006 total for SM/CVS/drug stores/general liquor shops/beverage & food shops/bakeries
2007 - 2017 total for SM/CVS/drug stores

▼Location:  Tokiwa-Nishiyama, Omachi, Nagano

▼Acquired area:  Approx. 410,000 m2

▼Business areas:  Production, storage and delivery of Suntory Tennensui

▼Start of construction (planned):  Spring 2019

▼Operation (planned):  End of 2020

▼Annual production capacity:  10 million cases (planned)

▼Main buildings:  Manufacturing building and warehouse building

  • (Expected Completion Figure: Reception)
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