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  • No.SBF0747(2018/9/18)

Launch of Suntory OTONA DAKARA (FOSHU)

― A delicious lemon-flavored FOSHU beverage that “helps reduce body fat” ―

Suntory Beverage & Food Limited (SBF) announces the nationwide launch of Suntory - OTONA DAKARA (FOSHU) on September 25 (Tuesday).

The FOSHU and functional-claim food market have grown significantly since the debut in 2013 of Suntory Green Tea - Iyemon Tokucha, the first FOSHU (food for specified health uses) beverage to focus on the “breakdown of fat” to “help reduce body fat.”
Driven by the needs of customers who want to reduce body fat while enjoying the taste of beverages they usually drink, the category of sweetend beverages is also growing in volume in tandem with sugar-free tea beverages.

This time SBF will release OTONA DAKARA as a new FOSHU beverage of the DAKARA brand. Like Tokucha, OTONA DAKARA is a FOSHU beverage containing quercetin glucoside which acts on body fat already stored in the body and is suitable as a beverage not only with meals but also for any occasion including during work or exercising. As we respond to the needs of customers who seek measures to reduce body fat through beverages they regularly drink, we will further revitalize the market.

● Content characteristics
We created a beverage that not only has the effect of “helping reduce body fat” through the action of quercetin glucoside which activate lipolytic enzymes but also has a refreshing lemon flavor and pleasant sweetness that offer an invigorating boost the moment you drink it.

● Package characteristics
We used black as the base color to convey a sense of the product’s efficacy as a FOSHU product, and we placed the health claim “helps reduce body fat” in a gold band to convey the product’s effectiveness in an easy-to-understand manner. We also used a yellow cap and displayed the words “Lemon Flavor” on the packaging to express the flavor in a simple visual manner.

▼Product overview

Product nameVolumeMSRP
(tax not included)
PackagingRelease date
Suntory OTONA DAKARA (FOSHU) 350 ml PET bottle ¥160 24 bottles/case September 25 (Tuesday)

▼Region  Nationwide

▼Food specified for health uses Suntory OTONA DAKARA website (Japanese only)

 Suntory Health Beverage NAVI (Japanese only)

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