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Regain Energy Drink 2000
New Product Announcement
- A new Regain containing 2,000 mg of Arginine -
- Regain Energy Drink also to be revamped -

<em>Regain Energy Drink 2000</em>

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Suntory Beverage & Food Limited (SBF) announces the launch of the carbonated beverage Regain Energy Drink 2000, on sale nationwide beginning Tuesday, November 4. SBF also announces the release of a redesigned Regain Energy Drink.

SBF executed a licensing agreement with Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare for the exclusive use of Regain® in a carbonated beverage. On July 1 (Tuesday), the new carbonated drink "Regain Energy Drink" developed by SBF went on sale nationwide. Using the Regain (sold as Regain S1, a designated quasi drug) ingredient mixture and aroma and flavor profiles as a starting point, SBF applied its own proprietary flavor development and R&D technology to create an energy drink that has been highly popular among our customers.
Regain Energy Drink 2000, which includes 2,000 mg of arginine is our response to customers who say they "want an energy drink for those critical moments." We also updated the recipe of the popular Regain Energy Drink to provide a flavor that more strongly represents "Muteki no Kidoryoku" (unparalleled power). Together with Regain Energy Drink 2000, these two products will help invigorate and contribute to the expansion of the energy drink market.

●New Regain Energy Drink 2000

Includes the daily recommended amounts of vitamin B1, B2, and B6*1, as well as 2,000 mg of arginine, twice the amount included in Regain Energy Drink. To achieve a stronger stimulating flavor, Regain Energy Drink 2000 includes 1.4 times the caffeine and twice the black ginger (compared to the conventional product). Designed to be consumed "during those critical moments," Regain Energy Drink 2000 features a unique bold flavor that allows the consumer to feel the benefits immediately. The package features a black background to convey strength. The lettering of "Cho-Muteki no Kidoryoku" (super unparalleled power), "Arginine 2,000 mg," and the illustration of a winged tiger*2 express the strength of this new energy drink.
*1 Based on Dietary Reference Intakes for Japanese (adults) (2010 Edition)
*2 "Winged tiger"... Represents the idea of adding new power to an already strong entity. Similar to "an ogre with an iron club"

●Revamped Regain Energy Drink

While the level of carbonation remains higher than the typical energy drink and the stimulating flavor and aroma remain the same, we have increased the caffeine content (110% compared to previous product) to enhance the stimulating flavor consumers expect from an energy drink. Leaving on the yellow and black colors for which the brand has become well known, we added the working "ENERGY." Also, the lettering for "Muteki no Kidoryoku" (unparalleled power) and "Arginine 1,000 mg," as well as the illustration of a winged tiger have all been improved.

And through advertising in TV commercials featuring actress and singer Sumire as Lum, the female character from the Japanese manga "Urusei Yatsura" and other marketing activities, we will continue our aggressive promotional campaign for Regain Energy Drink and Regain Energy Drink 2000.

Regain Energy Drink

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▼Product overview

Product name volume MSRP (tax not included) Box content
Regain Energy Drink 2000 190 ml can ¥232 30 units
Regain Energy Drink ¥185

▼Release date        November 4, 2014 (Tuesday)

▼Region        Nationwide

▼Sales channels        All channels, including vending machines and convenience stores

Regain Energy Drink website (Japanese only)

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