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Suntory Beverage & Food Limited


Novel type of Suntory Black Oolong Tea (FOSHU)
- Introducing new bottle that lets you better feel the benefits -

Suntory Black Oolong Tea

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Suntory Beverage & Food Limited (SBF) announces the launch of a newly revamped version of its Suntory Black Oolong Tea (FOSHU: Food for Specified Health Uses) on March 17, 2015 (Tuesday).

Suntory Black Oolong Tea is rich with oolong tea polymerized polyphenols (OTPP) and is a FOSHU that cuts back on the absorption of fats. Studies show that drinking this tea along with meals reduces the rise in neutral fats after meals by around 20%*1 and the benefit from fat excretion nearly doubles*2.

Among the growing number of FOSHU said to reduce fat intake, the benefits of Suntory Black Oolong Tea have earned high level of trust among consumers and it has garnered a position as a standard brand. This time around, we are introducing a novel type of Suntory Black Oolong Tea. We revamped the flavor and packaging so that consumers can enjoy Suntory Black Oolong Tea with daily meals and get a real feel for its benefits.

●Characteristics of the product’s flavor

This is the first time since the product’s debut in 2006 that we have embarked on the renewal of Suntory Black Oolong Tea’s flavor. We achieved a delicious tasting tea that can be consumed daily by newly adding tea leaves that offer a fresh taste to reduce the tea’s bitterness. The “clean aftertaste” makes this tea go well with regular meals.

●Package characteristics

Following in the footsteps of our oblong border design unique to Suntory Black Oolong Tea, which is a proven dependable product, we revamped the package design we have used thus far. For the 350 ml PET bottle*3 we employed a stylish new design that looks as if it will truly trim your body and a black cap that articulates the tea’s strong benefits. In addition, we aim to convey the benefits of Suntory Black Oolong Tea with two easy-to-understand health claims—“prevention of fat absorption and excess body fat storage.”

In conjunction with the launch of this product, we plan to carry out an aggressive marketing campaign, including new TV commercials and advertisements in public transportation, to fully promote the roll out of this new-type Suntory Black Oolong Tea.
*1 Pharmacology & Therapeutics, 32 (6) 335-342 (2004) N=20
*2 European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2006), 60 (11) :1330-6  N=12
*3 Some retail channels will not carry the new original design bottle.

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▼Product overview

Product name Volume MSRP (tax not included) Packaging

Suntory Black Oolong Tea

1.5 liter PET bottle ¥552 8 bottles/case
1 liter PET bottle ¥429 12 bottles/case
350 ml PET bottle
(new original design bottle)
¥160 24 bottles/case
350 ml PET bottle

▼Release date & region March 17, 2015 (Tuesday), nationwide

Suntory Black Oolong Tea website (Japanese only)