No.SBF0252( 10, 2015 )

Suntory Beverage & Food Limited
Kellogg Company


Licensing Agreement with Kellogg Company,
the Holder of the Largest Share of the Cereal Market
New Kellogg's Drinkable Breakfast Fruit Granola
(Food With Nutrient Function Claims)
- A new style of breakfast combining delicious taste,
eating satisfaction, and balanced nutrition. -

New Kellogg's Drinkable Breakfast Fruit Granola

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Suntory Beverage & Food Limited (SBF) has signed a licensing agreement with Kellogg Company (Kellogg’s). Convenience store sales of Kellogg’s Drinkable Breakfast Fruit Granola, which has been independently developed by SBF begins on Tuesday April 7 in Tokyo and 10 prefectures in Japan.
Kellogg’s Drinkable Breakfast Fruit Granola is a beverage that has been developed using our unique flavor-development technology. The product strikes the perfect balance of delicious taste, convenience (drinkable), eating  satisfaction, and nutrient balance, and draws on Kellogg’s expertise in nutrition design gained through more than 100 years of health research focusing on breakfast for a healthy mind and body.
Recent years have seen a nearly two-fold increase in the number of Japanese who skip breakfast compared with 40 years ago. This trend is especially strong in the 20~30 year old demographic, where 1 in 3 people or 1 in 4 people start their day without breakfast.*1 Our research also shows that when people skip breakfast, they make do with beverages and snacks that are easy to eat and sweet.
With a view to these trends of today’s young people, we have developed this product while using Kellogg’s extensive experience in nutritional design. We also turned our attention to the increasingly-popular granola, known for its deliciousness and healthfulness, and which is well on its way to assuming its place as a leading breakfast food after rice and toast. Kellogg’s Drinkable Breakfast Fruit Granola uses an abundance of milk ingredients along with several types of fruits and grains, and makes it easy for consumers to enjoy nutrition and a sense of satisfaction with the delicious taste of fruit granola. The product represents a new value that has not been seen in existing beverages.
*12012 National Health and Nutrition Survey

●Characteristics of the product content

Contains an abundance of nutrients people tend not to get enough of, including vitamins, food fiber, and calcium, also contains a proper amount of sugars and protein to boost energy for a busy morning. The product is a blend of fruit jelly and four grains and six fruits in a banana milk base.

(1) Nutrition design for busy mornings (food with nutrient function claims*2)
Kellogg’s Drinkable Breakfast Fruit Granola is suitable for the busy 20~30 year olds who are most likely to skip breakfast. The product provides the quick and sustained delivery of energy, with a balance of sugars, as well as proteins and other nutrients. The product also makes it possible for consumers to get a good balance of the vitamins, food fiber, calcium, and other nutrients that they tend to lack. (A single pack contains the approximate energy equivalent of a slice of white bread (from an 8-slice loaf), the food fiber of 1.5 heads of lettuce, and the calcium of one cup of milk (200 ml).)
*2Contains 250mg of calcium to meet the labeling standard for foods with nutrient function claims.

(2) Flavor and mouthfeel that gives a sense of satisfaction
The product is a combination of four kinds of grains (barley, Chinese pearl barley, corn, and roasted rice), and six types of fruits (mangos, strawberries, apples, pineapple, papaya, and raisins) that are combined in a thick and rich banana milk , a luxurious of milk ingredients and banana puree, and finished with fruit granola flavored by adding coconuts and other flavors.
By blending fruit jelly produced by SBF dedicated jelly line (in-line crushing process), we are able to give consumers the eating satisfaction along with the good feeling of having swallowed a delicious beverage.

●Package characteristics

The package design uses Kellogg’s red in the background. This red color suggests the morning and gives the impression that it will energize you. In addition, a variety of fruits and cereals are used to express the characteristics of fruit granola. The top of the package has a chart showing the nutritional content of the product, so that consumers can get a sense of the goodness of its nutritional content while drinking it.

In launching the product, we will implement strong promotional activities with TV commercials, as well as transit advertising, the Internet, and other outlets to stimulate excitement for Kellogg’s Drinkable Breakfast Fruit Granola.

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▼Product name, content, packaging, suggested retail price (before tax), expiration date
Kellogg’s Drinkable Breakfast Fruit Granola
200g cup  , 12,  ¥180,
Expiration date: 18 days (refrigeration required : 50°F(10° C) and below)

▼Release date        April 7, 2015 (Tuesday)

▼Sales region and channels
Convenience stores in Tokyo and Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Gunma, Tochigi,
Ibaraki, Shizuoka, Yamanashi, Nagano, and Niigata prefectures.
Please note that some stores do not handle the product.

Kellogg’s Drinkable Breakfast Fruit Granola website (Japanese only):

▼SBF website

- Corporate Information -
Suntory Beverage & Food Limited (SBF)
Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN;
President: Nobuhiro Torii

Kellogg Company
Head Office: Battle Creek, MI, USA;
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer: John Bryant.