No.SBF0317( 07, 2015 )


Boss Black (Food for Specified Health Uses)
- Introducing a bottle-shaped canned coffee
from the BOSS lineup of Suntory Coffee that prevents fat absorption -

Boss Black (Food for Specified Health Uses)

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Suntory Beverage & Food Limited (SBF) announces the nationwide launch of BOSS BLACK in a bottle-shaped can that has been designated as a food for specified health uses (FOSHU) and aids the prevention of fat absorption. The latest addition to the BOSS lineup will be available from August 18 (Tuesday).

Consumer demand for bottle-shaped canned coffee is on the rise. PREMIUM BOSS BLACK launched in March has grown in popularity among consumers and sales are growing. We also are seeing an increasing consumer trend toward health-conscious purchasing decisions that has propelled the FOSHU soft drink market. SBF will continue to introduce new bottle-shaped canned FOSHU coffee products offering the delicious flavor our customers expect of the BOSS brand as we look to further stimulate the new bottle-shaped canned coffee and FOSHU soft drink markets.

BOSS Black bottle-shaped canned coffee contains coffee mannooligosaccharides, a type of dietary fiber found in coffee beans that has the effect of constraining the absorption of fat in the small intestine. This new product is being released as a FOSHU product that reduces fat absorption and ideal for people concerned about their body fat. On July 7 (Tuesday), we will conduct a pre-release campaign that will give away BOSS Black to 6,000 people.

●Characteristics of the product’s flavor

For this project, we were committed to delivering a black bottle-shaped canned coffee that achieves the flavor expected of the BOSS brand while providing the benefits of food for specified health uses. Using dark-roasted beans and precision extraction temperature monitoring to achieve the true aroma, bitterness, and rich flavor desired from coffee beans. This BOSS Black offers a flavor and refreshing taste that consumers will never tire of drinking.

●Package characteristics

In addition to the existing BOSS Black (Non-Sugared) package design, we use gold coloring for the word “BLACK” and the FOSHU mark. This black FOSHU coffee is represented by luxurious look combined with the BOSS brand known for its rich flavor and commitment to excellence.

●Campaign information

Prior to the release of our BOSS Black (FOSHU) bottle-shaped canned coffee, beginning on July 7 (Tuesday) we will conduct a campaign exclusively on Twitter that will give away four cans of BOSS Black 280ml to 6,000 people who respond to our quiz.

The release of BOSS Black (FOSHU) expands our FOSHU soft drink lineup, which also includes products such as Iyemon Tokucha, Kuro Oolong Tea, Goma Mugicha, and Pepsi Special, and further stimulates the FOSHU soft drink market. Together with PREMIUM BOSS BLACK, this release strengthens the position of our BOSS lineup on the bottle-shaped canned coffee.

The BOSS brand will continue to propose products that suit the needs and occasions of our customers as we promote the appeal of canned coffee.

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●New release - BOSS Black (FOSHU)

▼Product name, volume, MSRP (tax not included), and packaging
280ml bottle-shaped can               130 yen    24 cans

▼Release date    August 18, 2015 (Tuesday)

▼Region         Nationwide

BOSS website (Japanese only)

●Campaign summary

▼Campaign name
BOSS Black FOSHU – Release date: August 18(Tuesday)!
Soliciting 6,000 pre-release monitors!

▼Campaign period
From July 7, 2015 (Tuesday) 2:00pm to July 23, 2015 (Thursday) 5:00pm

▼Application method
Access the monitor campaign website ( from your
computer or smartphone and login to using your Twitter account, and input
your response to the quiz. Campaign winners will be notified by the shipment
of their prize. We plan to begin delivering prizes in early August.
*Persons without a Twitter account can participate by creating an account and registering.
*Each person may only participate in the campaign once.
*Check the monitor campaign website for campaign details:

▼Applicant qualifications
Applicants must reside in Japan and the delivery of prizes will be limited to
persons residing in Japan.
*Suntory Group employees and affiliates may not apply.

▼Number of winners                         6,000 people

Four-can set of BOSS Black (FOSHU) 280ml bottle-shaped cans