No.SBF0339( 05, 2015 )


Increasing Production Facilities for
Suntory Tennensui Brand
Expansion of Suntory Products Limited
Okudaisen Bunanomori Water Plant
- New Line to Start Operations in Spring 2017 -

Okudaisen Bunanomori Water Plant

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Suntory Products Limited, the wholly-owned group affiliate of Suntory Beverage & Food Limited (SBF), will initiate a production capacity expansion project at its Okudaisen Bunanomori Water Plant, the company’s production center in west Japan for its Mineral Water Business. Construction will start in March 2016, with the company aiming to startup the new line by spring 2017.

The goal of this increase in production capacity is to secure the medium-term, stable supply of Suntory Okudaisen Tennensui, a core product in west Japan for the company’s ever-expanding Mineral Water Business. Amid growing sales of the company’s mineral water products such as Suntory Minami-Alps Tennensui Sparkling, Suntory Minami-Alps Tennensui Sparkling Lemon, and Suntory Minami-Alps Tennensui & Yogurina, we see continuing opportunities to launch new products in west Japan, where the market for unsweetened carbonated water and flavored water has grown rapidly in recent years. As parts of our product development initiatives, we will continue to evaluate the need for increased production capacity for the Suntory Tennensui brand.

Viewing Suntory Tennensui as a core brand in the company’s business in Japan, we will promote the rich, natural environment of our water source as we further solidify the position of Suntory Tennensui as the No. 1* brand on the mineral water market.

* INTAGE SCI: Mineral Water Market, January - December 2014
Suntory Tennensui brand value of cumulative sales
Outlets: supermarkets, convenience stores, drug stores

- Note -

● Overview of Suntory Products Limited Okudaisen Bunanomori Water Plant Production Facility Capacity Increase

Facility expansion
Carbonated/non-carbonated sterile PET bottle production line
(Includes preparation facility and bottle forming facility, small PET bottles only)
Start March 2016 (planned)
Completion / launch
Spring 2017 (planned)
Increase in lines 1 line
Annual production
Approx. 10 million cases (new facilities only)
Primary compatible
Suntory Okudaisen Tennensui carbonated water / flavored water
(Compatible with all patterns: carbonated, non-carbonated, flavored, unflavored, sweetened, unsweetened)

▼Plant location
1177 Kasarabara, Aza, Mitsukue, Oaza, Kofu-cho, Hino-gun, Tottori

- Corporate Information -

Suntory Beverage & Food Limited (SBF)
Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Nobuhiro Torii

Suntory Products Limited
Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Yoshihiko Kakimi, 100% wholly-owned subsidiary of SBF