FAQ List

1. Distillery Tours

Q1-1.What can I do at the distillery?
A1-1. You can enjoy:
- tours of the whisky manufacturing process, whisky tastings, etc.
- shopping and tasting whisky at the tasting counter (paid)
- meals at our restaurant (* Hakushu Distillery only. There are no dining facilities at Yamazaki Distillery.)

* Please make a reservation prior to your visit. Please be aware that visitors arriving without reservations may not be able to enter if places are full.

* Please visit the website of each distillery for details of tours and facilities.

Q1-2.Are tours conducted in foreign languages?
A1-2. Audio Guide App for distillery tours are available for free. Please download the App, before your tour.
Languages include [English,Spanish,Korean,Chinese].
Download from the App Store or Google Play.
App Store  
Google Play

* The Audio Guide Apps are for phones.

Q1-3.Are entry fees or participation fees required?
A1-3. Entry is free of charge. However, some tours may require fees depending on their content. For details, see the introduction sites for each distillery.
Q1-4.Are tours available for individuals as well as groups?
A1-4. Yes. Individuals can participate as well as groups. We look forward to seeing you.
However, each tour requires a minimum two participants to run.
Q1-5.Can we bring children on the tour? We'd like to participate as a family.
A1-5. Entry is possible. However, some tours may not be open to minors or parties accompanied by children.
Please check the precautions for each tour for details.
Q1-6.Can I take photos or film during the tour?
A1-6. Photography is permitted. However, video/audio recording is not permitted during the tour.
Please ask the distillery staff for details.
Q1-7.Can people in wheelchairs participate?
A1-7. Participation is possible, but it may not always be accepted depending on reservation status.
We ask the following visitors to confirm with us by telephone due to management conditions.
- Physically impaired visitors with service dogs
- Visitors using wheelchairs
- Visitors requiring physical assistance
Q1-8.Is there a tour pamphlet available?
A1-8. Yes. Visitors to each distillery will receive pamphlets.

2. Making, changing, and canceling reservations

Q2-1.Can I join a tour (or enter the distillery) without a reservation?
How can I make a tour reservation?
A2-1. Please make a reservation via the Internet or by phone unless otherwise instructed.
Also, please be noted that we may not be able to accept your reservation when the tour is fully booked or for some other reasons.
For lottery tours, Advance payment course,reservations can only be made via the Internet.
For details, please check out each factory's page.
Q2-2.What is the “Lottery” in the name of the tour?
A2-2. There are two types of reservations for factory tours: “First-Come First-Served” and “Lottery” reservations. The “Lottery Tour” is a tour in which the participants are selected by a lottery, while the “First-Come First-Served Tour” is open to participants on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations for the Lottery Tour can only be made by those who were selected in the lottery.
Q2-3.When do reservations open?
A2-3. [First-Come First-Served Tours]
As a general rule, reservations are accepted on the first business day (starting at 9:30) of the month before the month of the tour date, excluding Saturdays and Sundays. (Reservations can be made online or by phone.)

* For First-Come First-Served Tours of the Yamazaki Distillery, Hakushu Distillery, and Minami Alps Hakushu Water Plant, please inquire on the tour details page or the “Important Notice” section on the top page.

[Lottery Tours]
Please see here for information about Lottery Tour reservation start dates.

* If the reservation start date is a Saturday, Sunday, national holiday, or closed day, reservations will be accepted from the following weekday.
* Reservation start times may differ depending on the factory or type of tour.
* For more information, please see the “Important Notice” section on the top page.
Q2-4.How long are reservations open for?
A2-4. [First-Come First-Served Tours]
Online reservations can be made for free tours until noon of the day before the tour date, and for paid tours until noon of the day 3 days before the tour date.

[Lottery Tours]
Please see the lottery entry period shown on the tour details page. Reservations are not accepted by phone.
Q2-5.How do I change or cancel reservations?
A2-5. [First-Come First-Served Tours]
If you wish to change the location, time and date, or number of participants of your tour, please cancel your entry and enter again with the new information.

[Lottery Tours]
Changes cannot be made to the location, time and date, or number of participants. Cancellation is possible via the Internet until noon two days before.
Q2-6.Is it possible to change or cancel reservations immediately before the visit?
A2-6. [First-Come First-Served Tours]
Changing or canceling the reservation you have made on the Internet is available by the noon on the day before (for free tours) or by the noon two days before (for fee based tours).
To make any changes or cancellations after that, please contact the factory to which you applied for the tour.
In the case of paid tours (prepaid), cancellations after the deadline are non-refundable.
The cancellation slot courses for lottery-based tours cannot be canceled after noon two days prior to the event.

[Lottery Tours]
Cancellation is possible via the Internet until noon two days before.
Changes or cancellations cannot be made after noon of the day 2 days before the tour date.
Q2-7.Can I bring a different person with me than originally planned?
A2-7. Changes can be made only to the number of participants in a First-Come First-Served Tour by calling the factory to which you applied for the tour.
In the case of paid tours (prepaid), cancellations after the deadline are non-refundable.
Changes cannot be made to the content of a Lottery Tour reservation.
Q2-8.Which payment methods are available?
A2-8. [First-Come First-Served Tours]
For pre-paid courses, we kindly request payment at the time of booking via our website.
Payment can be made by credit card only. Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, American Express, and JCB are accepted.
For all the other courses, payment will be settled on the day at the factory.

[Lottery Tours]
Please make your payment at the time of reservation. Payment can be made by credit card only. Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, American Express, and JCB are accepted.

■Regarding the timing of credit card payments
Your payment will be confirmed after the cancellation deadline.
*In the case of debit card usage, although there may be refunds between payment and finalization, the amount will be charged again after the cancellation deadline.
Q2-9.How are the participation fees handled for same-day cancellations?
A2-9. Your participation fees will not be returned in principle.
Q2-10.I made (or canceled) a reservation online, but I haven't received the confirmation email.
A2-10. E-mails are sent in response to reservations or cancellations as confirmation, but if you do not receive a confirmation e-mail after about one day, it may be possible that it was not accepted for some reason.
If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, please call the factory to which you applied for the tour.
If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail for entry in the Lottery Tour lottery, we cannot give further information even if you contact us by phone. In that case, please submit another entry.
Q2-11.Can I reserve the same course multiple times?
A2-11. In order to allow as many people as possible to participate, only one application per tour course is accepted for First-Come First-Served Tours.
New reservations can be made on or after the date on which you already have a reservation made.

For Lottery Tours, one entry per factory (up to five preferred choices) can be made during the lottery entry period.
Q2-12.Can I participate in multiple courses on the same day?
A2-12. In order to promote responsible drinking, we do not allow participation in multiple courses for tour programs which include alcohol tasting on the same day.
Q2-13.The calendar shows a "○", but the final reservation screen says the tour is already full. What's happening?
A2-13. The number of visitors input may have exceeded the number of open slots. The reception status is displayed to the left of the "Reserve" button. A "○" is displayed when 10 or more slots are open, and the number open when fewer than 10 remain.

3. Facilities/Other

Q3-1.Is payment by credit card possible?
A3-1. Yes, credit cards are available.
[Yamazaki Distillery]
Visa 、Mastercard 、American Express 、Diner's Club 、JCB
[Hakushu Distillery]
Visa 、Mastercard 、American Express 、Diner's Club 、JCB
Q3-2.Is there a parking lot?
A3-2. For details, please see each distillery's "Directions" site. Some plants have parking lots and others do not, with varying sizes; we recommend the use of public transport to visit the distillery.

* The number of parking spaces varies for each distillery.

Q3-3.Can I bring a pet?
A3-3. As this is a food processing facility, pets are not allowed except assistance dogs.
Q3-4.Can I bring in food or drink such as a packed lunch?
A3-4. Please be aware that in order to maintain food sanitation, food and drink is not permitted within the distillery.
Q3-5.Is there a place where I can eat at the distillery?
A3-5. There are no dining facilities.
Please be aware that bringing in food and drink to the distillery is not permitted.
Q3-6.What does the shop offer for sale?
A3-6. Distillery Gift Shop offers an extensive selection of products that are only available at the distillery, including single malt whiskies, specially designed glassware, and the distillery's own line of snack foods that go particularly well with whisky.

* Due to irregular shipping, distillery limited whiskies and some domestic whiskies could be out of stock.

Q3-7.Can I purchase products or merchandise without going on the distillery tour?
A3-7. Purchase is available. However, a visitor's reservation is required; please reserve in advance.
Q3-8.Are there lockers available?
A3-8. Yes. Luggage which does not fit in the lockers may also be left at the reception desk.

* As the amount of luggage which the lockers, etc. can hold is limited, we ask that large bags be left at your accommodation or in train station lockers, etc.

Q3-9.Is it possible to use drones or radio-controlled toys within the distillery area?
A3-9. Use is prohibited for the sake of our visitor's safety.
Q3-10.What happens in the case of bad weather (typhoons, heavy snow, etc.) or natural disasters?
A3-10. It may occasionally be necessary to cancel factory tours in the case of bad weather (typhoons, heavy snow, etc.), natural disasters and so on. Please check with the website or by telephone in advance.
Please note in advance that in the case of canceled tours, visitors are asked to bear any cancellation fees relating to travel and accommodation costs.
Q3-11.Can I smoke in the factory?
A3-11. Smoking is prohibited in the premises.