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  • No.12810(2017/1/10)

Release of the New The Premium Malt’s Made With Suntory Beer’s Brewing Technologies

― A Rich Flavor and Overflowing Flowery Aroma ―

Suntory Beer Limited has revamped its The Premium Malt’s beer. The new product will be released nationwide on March 14.

The Premium Malt’s has led the expansion of the premium beer market by capturing the ever-changing customer needs. Thirteen years after this product’s launch, the 2016 premium beer market is estimated to be roughly three times larger than 2003.

Suntory Beer has leveraged its beer-brewing technologies for an even more delicious flavor so its The Premium Malt’s can continue leading the market as the leading premium beer brand.

To create this formula, Suntory Beer’s original manufacturing methods*1 have been further improved to highlight its fine-quality ingredients—the rich flavor of the Diamond malt and flowery aroma of the aroma hops. Its contents were refined to offer an even more overflowing flowery aroma and the enjoyment of a richer flavor, lasting from when the customer starts to drink until they are finished.

*1 Double decoction method, aroma rich hopping method

A package design that stresses more of a sense of luxury was adopted. The phrase “The PREMIUM” is boldly printed in large letters in the center of the can to express Suntory Beer’s confidence in premium beer brewing.

The draft keg of the renewed The Premium Malt’s will be released before the release of the canned beer, using the product that is produced in early February. In this way, we will offer amazingly delicious experiences by creating points of contact between customers and The Premium Malt’s at more than 50,000 restaurants and bars nationwide. It will be possible to enjoy the renewed The Premium Malt's at Premium Friday events that will be held from the end of February at restaurants and bars.

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