No.11037   March 14, 2011

Suntory Holdings Limited

Relief Donation for Earthquake in the Tohoku Region of Japan

We wish to extend our condolences to those affected by the recent earthquake in the Tohoku Region of Japan.

As we of the Suntory Group would like to assist in the support of rescue and recovery efforts in the areas struck by the quake, we have today made a donation of JPY 300,000,000. Additionally, we will donate further relief supplies of one million 550ml bottles of Suntory Natural Mineral Water. 360,000 bottles were shipped immediately on March 12.

Furthermore, we are doing what we can to contribute to efforts to divert power supplies to the affected areas by turning off outdoor advertising lights and cutting back on the use of electricity at our business sites.

We pray for a quick recovery by the affected communities, and will provide continued support to that end.

1. Donation: JPY 300,000,000
2. Relief goods: One million 550ml bottles of Suntory Natural Mineral Water (360,000 bottles already shipped on March 12)
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