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Suntory Holdings Limited

Launch of Suntory Green Tea
"Iyemon Tokucha (Food for Specified Health Uses)" in Japan
Debut of the first food for specified health uses that helps "to reduce body fat"

Suntory Beverage and Food Limited will launch nationwide sales of a new product from the "Iyemon" brand called "Iyemon Tokucha," the first food for specified health uses (FOSHU) that helps "to reduce body fat," on Tuesday, October 1, 2013 in Japan.

Since last year, the market for "FOSHU beverages" has been expanding with the debut of cola beverages and coffee beverages in addition to lactic acid beverages and tea beverages, which had been in the market until then. Aiming for this expanding market, our company will launch "Iyemon Tokucha," the first FOSHU that helps "to reduce body fat."

At the Suntory Group, we focused on "the breakdown of fat" and discovered that "Quercetin glucoside," a type of polyphenol commonly found in vegetables such as onions, has an effect of activating lipases, enzymes that break down fat.
Recently, we were able to confirm*1 that continuously drinking "Iyemon Tokucha," which contains "Quercetin glucoside," has an effect of reducing body fat, and we obtained approval to sell "Iyemon Tokucha" as a FOSHU.

  • *1 Japanese Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Vol. 40 (6): 495-503 (2012)
Flavor Notes
"Iyemon Tokucha" uses Japanese tea leaves carefully selected by a "chasho" (master tea blender) from the esteemed tea company Fukujuen in Kyoto. Its strong point is its tea-like flavor, extracted from fragrant tea leaves*2 at a high temperature, which has a sweetly fragrant aroma and just the right amount of bitterness. By realizing the delicious taste of green tea, we created a flavor that goes well with food and that you won't get tired of drinking every day, even though it is a FOSHU.
  • *2 Richly aromatic tea leaves produced from high-quality "ichibancha" (first-plucked tea) using Fukujuen's own processing technology.
Packaging Features
For the packaging, we used the bamboo-shaped bottle unique to the "Iyemon" brand, and we expressed the fundamental delicious taste of tea by using a base color of deep green. In addition, while making use of slim lines in the design, we made it easy to see that this is a "FOSHU beverage" from the "Iyemon" brand by printing both the message that it "helps to reduce body fat" and the FOSHU logo on the package.

Furthermore, we will vigorously advertise "Iyemon Tokucha" as a FOSHU from the "Iyemon" brand, including releasing TV commercials and holding consumer campaigns prior to the launch.

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Product Name, Volume, Suggested Retail Price (Sales tax not included), and Packaging
Suntory Green Tea "Iyemon Tokucha (Food for Specified Health Uses)"
500 ml PET bottle¥17024 bottles
Launch Date
Tuesday, October 1, 2013
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