Vol.095 Academic Journalism
  • Photographic Report
    The Time When the Silk Road Outpost of Dunhuang Was an Object of Fascination for the Japanese
    by Yasuko Enomoto
  • Special Feature: Academic Journalism
    by Toru Takeda
  • Numbers and Independence: Critique of Segregation Ⅲ by Hiroki Azuma
  • My Attempt at “Academi-Journalism” by Tomoko Ohji
  • The Case of Popular Science by Susumu Shimoyama
  • Going Beyond Specialist Knowledge with “Clinical Knowledge”
    — Academic Journalism
    by Kazufumi Watanabe,
    Sayaka Ogawa,
    Toru Takeda
  • Changing Society From a Single Reader
    — The Potential of the Internet Debate Space
    by Kazuya Serizawa and Toru Takeda
  • The “High-Growth Period” of Academic Journalism: The Editorial Art of Kazuki Kasuya and the Chuko Salon in the 1960s by Akihiro Yamamoto
  • In Support of the Intellectual Arena: A roundtable discussion reporting from the world of criticism by Yuki Kobayashi,
    Satoshi Ouchi,
    Hideo Suzuki,
    Masayuki Tadokoro,
    Toru Takeda
  • Academic Journalism as a “Good Neighbor” by Hiroshi Kainuma
  • Essays
    The Japanese Sense of Beauty as Revealed in Fashion
    by Shuji Takashina
  • The Status After 111 Years of the Children’s Song “Ware wa Umi no ko”
    (I am a Child of the Sea)
    by Hiroshi Watanabe
  • On the Architecture of the Japan National Stadium by Terunobu Fujimori
  • Photographic Report
    Looking for the Hidden Hand
    by Asa Ito
  • Essay
    The Historic Significance of the G20 Agreement on a Global Digital Tax and Future Issues
    by Shigeki Morinobu
  • Articles
    Can The United States Achieve Zero-Emission?
    What the Japanese, After Being Left Dangling Twice, Should Know
    by Hiroyuki Tezuka
  • Justification as Seen From Statistics and Machine Learning by Jun Otsuka
  • The Historian of Civilization Who Withstood Skepticism Toward the Role of the Individual in History
    — Remembering My Teacher Nobuo Noda
    by Takumi Sato
  • Correspondence on Current Thought
    Analyzing the Boom in Books on Democracy
    by Shigeki Uno
  • Two Generations in Belarus: Svetlana Alexievich and Sasha Filipenko by Yuri Nagura
  • Pope Francis and the Battle Against the “Virus of Selfish Indifference” by Yoshihisa Yamamoto
  • Essays
    Thinking about “Freedom Day” in England and the British “Nanny State”
    by Ryuichi Kanari
  • Memories of Covid-19 by Daisaburo Okumoto
  • The Limits of Entering With One’s Shoes On by Shoichi Inoue
  • Including the Culture of Everyday Life in Important Intangible Cultural Properties by Isao Kumakura
  • Serial Project
    The Plan to Explore the New Coming Together and Fusions of the Two Cultures
    Part 1.Renewing the Contract with Learning
    by Naoki Miyano
  • Serials
    Hakuson Kuriyagawa: The Man Who Sowed Dreams
    Part 7. Amputation of His Left Leg and Going for Study in the United States (Part 1)
    by Kyo Cho
  • Heisei History 4: Japan in the World — International Shock by Makoto Iokibe

Asteion Mission Statement

Asteion was launched in 1986, a time when intellectual endeavor was still being held back by competing ideologies. Things have moved on since then. By adopting a more flexible approach and tuning our senses to a broad range of global issues, rather than churning out articles focusing solely on current affairs, we have developed a keen understanding of contemporary trends. The name Asteion comes from the Ancient Greek "ASTEION," meaning sophisticated and refined. This reflects our desire to stimulate intelligent discourse among those who are independent and yet share the same public space as fellow citizens through active but sensible exchanges of diverse opinions. A quarter of a century on, the competing ideologies that marked the twentieth century have now converged, leaving us free to express our opinions on an endless range of subjects. Our mission to promote genuine debate is all the more important for shedding light on the mega-waves of our time. We hope that more and more people, each interested in public issues in their own way, will come to share the spirit of Asteion and support our efforts. Masayuki Tadokoro Chair, Asteion Editorial Committee