Vol.098 A Historical Perspective on the “Chinese Dream”? : The Extent of the Sinosphere in East Asia
  • Photographic Report
    The Commodification of the Ayahuasca Ritual and the Belief in Air Spirits:
    The Present-day Situation of the Shipibo Amazon Tribal Healers
    by Yumi Watanabe
  • Special Feature: A Historical Perspective on the “Chinese Dream”? :
    The Extent of the Sinosphere in East Asia

    Preface: China’s Dreams and the Historical Extent of the Sinosphere
    by Takashi Okamoto
  • Korea in the Expansion of the Sinosphere by Mayuko Mori
  • Japan and China from the Perspective of the 19th-Century Seikanron Debate on “Opening” Korea by Toru Ishida

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  • Japan-China Relations at a Time of US-China Confrontation:
    The American Presence in the Pacific in the Context of the Ryukyu Disposition (1879)
    by Marco Tinello
  • Taiwan’s Ever-Paler Chinese Identity by Tsuyoshi Nojima
  • Is a “Chinese-style Modernization” Possible for Hong Kong? by Toru Kurata
  • Tibet’s Historical Logic of Autonomy and Independence by Ryosuke Kobayashi
  • The Historical Roots of Xinjiang Problem by Jun Kumakura
  • Vietnam: A Proud Country in the Southern Sinosphere by Motonori Makino
  • China as Viewed from Mongolia A conversation of
    Yuki Konagaya,
    Takashi Okamoto,
    and Masayuki Tadokoro;
    edited by Eriko Ogi
  • Essays
    The Relationship Between Modernism and Nature
    by Terunobu Fujimori
  • The Birth of “Radiolike Realism” by Hiroshi Watanabe
  • Photographic Report
    Making an Appeal to the World: Japanese Localities Issuing NFTs for Revitalization
    by Toshihiko Sugiura
  • Articles
    Will the Digital Renminbi Spread Outside of China?
    by Yoshiyuki Sagara
  • Turkey in the Russia-Ukraine War: Explaining Ambivalence by Svante E. Cornell

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  • Essays
    Seeking Out the Voices of Those on the Battlefield in the Pacific War
    by Keisuke Maeda
  • No Plan C: The Future Course of the Long Myanmar Crisis by Yoshihiro Nakanishi
  • Correspondence on Current Thought
    The New Narrative Evoked by Thai Youth
    by Sho Fukutomi
  • The Encouragement of Personnel Economics: Suggestions for Bureaucratic Systems by Tadashi Sakai
  • Serial Project
    The Plan to Explore the New Coming Together and Fusions of the Two Cultures
    Part 3. The Sciences Interrogating the Humanities
    by Taeko Ando,
    Ayako Gotoh,
    Jun Murata,
    Naoki Miyano
  • Correspondence on Current Thought
    “Ask a Potter About Clay!”:
    What Are the Fundamental Characteristic of Japanese Thought?
    by Yosuke Bando
  • Is All Knowledge Good? Questions on Genetic Testing by Kaori Kawai
  • Essays
    The Potentiality of Choice
    by Shiori Emoto
  • Sleeping Blossoms, Now Bloom in Spring! by Peter MacMillan
  • Politicians Talking About Dreams, Young People Indifferent by Naoyuki Agawa
  • Roundtable Discussion
    “It Has to be Interesting!” Twenty Years of Enjoying Involvement in the Suntory Prize for Community Cultural Activities
    A Discussion with
    Mikiro Sasaki,
    Yuko Tanaka,
    and Terunobu Fujimori;
    by Takashi Mikuriya
    and edited
    by Aya Okishio
  • Article
    6000 Miles in Search of the Mysterious Mrs. Schoellkopf
    by Kyo Cho
  • Serials
    Revisiting the History of Jiangnan (Southern China)
    Part 3. The Reconstitution of the North-South Relationship
    by Takashi Okamoto
  • The Beginnings of Entomology
    Part 3. The People Who Supported Japanese Entomology
    by Daisaburo Okumoto