Vol.092 The “Patchwork” Order Encompassing the World
  • Photographic Report
    Italian Renaissance Gardens: Visiting Cloistered Landscapes Fostering Contemplation and Creativity
    by Koji Kuwakino
  • Preface: The “Patchwork” Order Encompassing the World
    The Wonderful New “Patchwork” World
    by Satoshi Ikeuchi
  • Special Feature: The “Patchwork” Order Encompassing the World
    The Supreme Leader and the Revolutionary Guard: Who Rules Iran?
    by Ali Alfoneh
  • Religion and the State: The Place of Religious Institutions in the Egyptian Power Structure by Nathan J. Brown
  • A Strategic Pursuit of Autonomy: The Collapse of the Arab Spring and Turkish Diplomacy by Șaban Kardaș
  • The Undemocratic “Stability” of the South Caucasus by Yoko Hirose
  • Signs of a Changing World Order: The Swedish Model Under Fire by Ken Shimizu
  • Falling into Authoritarianism? An EU Shaken by Anti-globalism by Yoko Iwama
  • On the Xi Jinping Thought Movement by Daisuke Kondo
  • Essays
    Remembering My Friend Toru Haga
    by Shuji Takashina
  • The Boom in Wooden Architecture by Terunobu Fujimori
  • Photographic Report
    Holdings of Japan-related Audio Recordings in France
    by Seiko Suzuki
  • Essays
    The Koshien High School Baseball Championship and National Anthems
    by Hiroshi Watanabe
  • Japan, Land of Natural Disaster by Daisaburo Okumoto
  • Articles
    Is Education a Sacred Cow? A Japan Running from Politics and Money
    by Eiichi Aoki
  • The Fall 1946 Argument Set Forward by Kan’ichi Asakawa on Revision of Article 9 of the Constitution: For a Pursuit of Civil Liberty Forged in a Soul-searching on “Divine Force” by Toyomi Asano
  • Essays
    New Directions in Masao Maruyama Studies
    by Tadashi Karube
  • In the Borderland Between Ordinary and Crisis by Masayuki Tadokoro
  • Correspondence on Current Thought
    The Present State of Historical Research into the Chinese Civil War: A Conflict of Old and New Interpretations
    by Yusuke Anami
  • “Bread and Pen” and the Surveillance State: The Passion of Early Socialist Toshihiko Sakai and Present-day Japan by Tatsushi Fujihara
  • A Prescription of “Radical Markets” to Save Capitalism by Yosuke Yasuda
  • The Little-Known Bestselling Author Lu Yao by Kimihiko Baba
  • Serials
    Hakuson Kuriyagawa: The Man Who Sowed Dreams
    Part 4. An Ivory Tower Tragicomedy: Days Spent at Tokyo Imperial University
    by Kyo Cho
  • Philosophical Desultory Thoughts 3
    A Reconsideration of the Philosophy of Rhythm: Hopes of Self-Examination and Evolution
    by Masakazu Yamazaki
  • The Transformation of World History: Prolegomenon
    Why is History Pleasurable? (Conclusion)
    by Masashi Miura
  • Forum Report
    Reexamining Japan in a Global Context
    Criminal Justice