Vol.088 Special Feature: The End of the Liberal International Order?
  • Photographic Report
    Monsters and Romanesque Art: Greek Mythology Alive in Medieval European Temples
    by Momoe Kanazawa
  • Preface
    The End of the Liberal International Order?
    by Yuichi Hosoya
  • Special Feature: The End of the Liberal International Order?
    The Liberal International Order in History
    by Masatsugu Naya
  • The Authoritarian Challenge to the Liberal International Order by Aaron L. Friedberg
  • The Counterattack of American Nationalism: Wilsonianism in the Age of Trump by Toshihiro Nakayama
  • Will China Thrive If the Liberal Order Falls Apart? by Minxin Pei


  • The Putin Regime and the Revival of Geopolitics: Russia’s Self-Identity as a Great Power by Yu Koizumi
  • “New India” and the Liberal International Order at the Dawn of Naval Great Game Era by Vivek Prahladan
  • Germany’s Alignment with the West Under Threat: The Throes of Contemporary German Diplomacy by Takumi Itabashi
  • Essays
    On the Passing of Haiku Poet Tota Kaneko
    by Toru Haga
  • Freedom or Death? Thoughts on Viewing Paul Delaroche’s the Execution of Lady Jane by Shuji Takashina
  • For a More Child-like, “Pidgin English” Approach to Foreign Cultures by Hiroshi Watanabe
  • On the Comprehensive History Courses in the Revised High School Curriculum Guidelines by Tadashi Karube
  • Implications of the Decreasing Number of Scholarly Works Being Published Written in Japanese by Satoshi Machidori
  • The Onsen Town Saved by a Marxist Architectural Scholar by Terunobu Fujimori
  • A Day at the Fabre Insectarium by Daisaburo Okumoto
  • Photo-essay
    Island of Bulls, Kappa, and Men: A Visit to the Oki Islands (Shimane Prefecture) to See the Ancient Tradition of Bull Sumo
    by Naoyuki Agawa
  • Articles
    Germany’s Declining Role: The Power Shift Within the EU
    by Wolf Lepenies
  • The Young Yasuhiro Nakasone: Development of the Argument for Constitutional Revision by Shinichi Kitaoka
  • Correspondence on Current Thought
    Can Revisionism Be Revised? Recent Trends in the Study of Cold War Cultural Diplomacy
    by Hiroko Ikegami
  • The German Philosopher Johann Gottlieb Fichte by Hideto Kumagai
  • Correspondence
    Bill Emmott in Dialogue with Masayuki Tadokoro: The Continuing Crisis of Liberal Democracy


  • Serial
    The Transformation of World History: Prolegomenon The Chinese Classic Water Margin (Shui Hu Zhuan) and the One Thousand and One Nights (Part 3)
    by Masashi Miura
  • Forum Report
    Reexamining Japan in Global Context Recovering from Disaster

Asteion Mission Statement

Asteion was launched in 1986, a time when intellectual endeavor was still being held back by competing ideologies. Things have moved on since then. By adopting a more flexible approach and tuning our senses to a broad range of global issues, rather than churning out articles focusing solely on current affairs, we have developed a keen understanding of contemporary trends. The name Asteion comes from the Ancient Greek "ASTEION," meaning sophisticated and refined. This reflects our desire to stimulate intelligent discourse among those who are independent and yet share the same public space as fellow citizens through active but sensible exchanges of diverse opinions. A quarter of a century on, the competing ideologies that marked the twentieth century have now converged, leaving us free to express our opinions on an endless range of subjects. Our mission to promote genuine debate is all the more important for shedding light on the mega-waves of our time. We hope that more and more people, each interested in public issues in their own way, will come to share the spirit of Asteion and support our efforts. Masayuki Tadokoro Chair, Asteion Editorial Committee