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Photos of drinking scenes in Japan

With further diversification of product categories, advancements in container development, expansion of logistics, and changes to consumer lifestyles and needs, the soft drink market in Japan has been experiencing long term growth.

Non-sugar RTD (ready to drink) products, such as sugar-free tea and water, hold large market shares, and the market is characterized by the ability to buy drinks anytime and anywhere thanks to the widespread presence of vending machines.

Recently, customers have been becoming more health conscious, and due to an increase in the average water intake per person, soft drink consumption is on the rise. These changes are accelerating.

Based on the above trends, SBF Japan considers water, coffee and sugar-free tea to be the market’s future growth categories and will put its efforts into these strengthening these products. We aim to focus on our core brands such as Suntory Tennensui, BOSS, Suntory Green Tea Iyemon, Yasashii Mugicha and Suntory Oolong Tea, to improve brand value and to grow even further. Furthermore, we will look beyond existing categories to proactively propose new products of value.


  • Suntory Tennensui
    Suntory Tennensui

    Since its release in 1991, the Suntory Tennensui brand has continued to expand sales and has been the No. 1 selling brand on the mineral water market in Japan. Our focus on its unique values of “clear and delicious”, “natural and healthy” fostered endearing support from a wide range of consumers.

  • BOSS

    Since first rolled out in 1992, BOSS has been a long-selling favorite that many consumers recognize as the “coffee of the working people.”By continuously enhancing our lineup with products that fulfill the diverse needs of our customers and through captivating TV commercials and consumer campaigns, BOSS has become a brand that is loved by our customers.

  • Suntory Green Tea Iyemon
    Suntory Green Tea Iyemon

    Suntory Green Tea Iyemon has a richly delicious flavor, which is achieved by using Japanese tea leaves carefully selected by a “chasho” (master tea blender) from the venerable tea company Fukujuen in Kyoto. As such, it has proved hugely popular since its launch in 2004.

  • Suntory Green Tea Iyemon Tokucha (FOSHU)
    Suntory Green Tea Iyemon
    Tokucha (FOSHU)

    Released in October 2013, Iyemon Tokucha is a FOSHU* beverage that helps the lowering of body fat . As a FOSHU soft drink that works to lower body fat, Iyemon Tokucha is perfect not only for drinking with meals, but also as for drinking during work and sports.
    *Foods for Specified Health Uses


    The Green DAKARA brand has been widely popular among customers ranging from children to adults as a hydration drink made from familiar ingredients since its launch in 2012, along with Yasashi-Mugicha.

  • Pepsi Japan cola
    Pepsi Big <NAMA>

    Pepsi Big <NAMA> is great tasting “Indulging yet more refreshing” Cola, uniquely made for cola lovers with “NAMA” concept with its enhanced drinkability and sharpness.

  • C.C.Lemon

    C.C.Lemon is a long-selling carbonated soft drink rich in Vitamin C. It has been popular among wide range of customers since it was launched in 1994,

  • Natchan

    Launched in Japan in 1998, Natchan! is a long-selling fruit juice drink, which has been widely popular among customers ranging from children to adults.


Photos of drinking scenes in Europe Photos of drinking scenes in Europe2

In Europe, we carry out business mainly around brands that have been locally loved for years, including Lucozade and Ribena in England, and Orangina in France. Due to growing health-consciousness and the introduction of sugar taxes in each country, the increase in consumer needs for “natural & healthy” products has become a notable trend. In light of this situation, not only has the European business division been working at reducing the sugar and calorie content of existing core brands, such as Orangina, Lucozade, Ribena and Schweppes, but they have also developed a new low-sugar ice tea product called MayTea, which has been selling well in France, Belgium, and Spain.


  • Orangina

    Orangina is a carbonated beverage containing fruit juice that has been a long-time favorite since it was first introduced in France in 1936. It has been popular for its fresh orange flavor and natural bitterness that is derived from orange peel extract in more than 60 countries.

  • Oasis

    Oasis a fruit juice drink with no preservatives or artificial colorings, first produced in 1966. It is also known for its unique characters appear in the advitising communications.

  • Lucozade

    Lucozade is a long-seller born in UK over 80 years ago. Energy drinks and sport drinks of the Lucozade brand sell in more than 15 countries.

  • Ribena

    Ribena is a long-selling blackcurrant juice drink first produced in 1938. In UK, the brand is long loved by consumers from childhood.

  • Schweppes

    Schweppes is a long-selling carbonated soft drink which has a long history of over 200 years. It is loved by a wide range of customers for its sophisticated and various types of flavors.

  • MayTea

    MayTea is a low-sugar, infused ice tea available in a variety of flavors. It was created by Japanese tea-making technology and launched in France in 2016. The brand is expanding the boundary to Belgium and Spain.


Photo of drinking scene in Asia Pacific Photo of drinking scene in Asia Pacific2

In Asia, we are operating a soft drink and a health supplement businesses. The soft drink business divisions are expanding in Vietnam and Thailand. They have established local joint venture companies and are developing in ways that meet the needs and situations of customers in each market. We are also trying to strengthen the distribution platform. In the health food business, we are manufacturing and selling BRAND’S products, including BRAND’S Essence of Chicken, mainly in Thailand. BRAND’S is a long-selling product that has been well received by customers as a nutritional drink and daily staple. More recently, in addition to strengthening current brands, we have started developing new product categories including TEA+ by utilizing Suntory’s R&D technology.

In Oceania, we are the market leader in energy drinks across Australia and New Zealand. We manufacture, market and distribute a range of fruit juices, fruit drinks, energy drinks, waters and soft drinks, the portfolio includes iconic brands such as V Energy, Suntory BOSS Coffee and Fresh Up. In New Zealand we are the bottling partner for PepsiCo.


  • TEA+

    Tea + Oolong Tea, launched in Vietnam in 2013, was produced through Suntory’s technology of making oolong tea. The oolong tea drink contains Oolong Tea Polymerized Polyphenols (OTPP), which helps block the absorption of fat in foods and suppress the increase of triglycerides after meals.

  • Sting

    Sting is a popular carbonated energy drink brand in Vietnam. The fresh and exhilarating taste is most suitable for refreshment and a charge of energy.

  • BRAND’S Essence of Chicken
    BRAND’S Essence of Chicken

    BRAND’S Essence of Chicken is a health food brand boasting a long history of over 180 years. It is made from fine quality chicken with no artificial chemicals or preservatives, loved by people in Thailand and other Asian countries.

  • V

    V is an energy drink containing guarana, launched in 1997. It is a favourite in New Zealand and Australia - combining guarana, caffeine and vitamins.


Photo of a drinking scene in the Americas Photo of a drinking scene in the Americas2

In the Americas, Pepsi Bottling Ventures in North Carolina, a joint venture company with PepsiCo, operates our soft drink business. As the non-carbonated market is growing, in addition to core Pepsi products, we are focusing on expanding water and coffee sales. Furthermore, we are searching for new business opportunities in light of urbanization, population movement and the diversification of consumer needs, including recent changes in consumption habits and developing health consciousness in the North American market.


  • Pepsi

    Pepsi is a popular carbonated soft drink with a cola flavor. It is manufactured by PepsiCo.

  • Nature’s Twist
    Nature’s Twist

    Nature’s Twist is a sugar-free soft drink containing 1% fruit juice. It is available in a line-up of refreshing tastes of Lemonade, Orangeade and Strawberry Lemon.