Management Strategy

1Corporate Philosophy

Our Purpose

To inspire the brilliance of life,
by creating rich experiences for people,
in harmony with nature.

Our Values

Growing for Good / Yatte Minahare /
Giving Back to Society

“Who We Are”

Always Together with Seikatsusha

We connect with your feelings
to enrich every moment of life

What is Seikatsusha for us

We see people as “Seikatsusha”, instead of just “consumers.”
Seikatsusha refers to people who live their lives as a whole, with their own unique perspectives and feelings.
We look at holistic aspects of Seikatsusha’s life. This is what is unique about us.


We look at all aspects of Seikatsusha’s life, instead of just moment of consumption

Moment of consumption
Whole Day

We see Seikatsusha as a human being with their own unique perspective,
values and feelings, instead of just demography

With labels that can be seen from outside
With their own unique personality, values, and feelings that are on the inside

Also as Seikatsusha ourselves,
we understand and resonate with them,
and enrich every moment
of their life.

Beverage & Food

Corporate Slogan

The essence of our philosophy that we communicate with our partners and the world

SUNTORY Sustained by Nature and Water
Water is the source of all the lives on the planet.
We promise and declare to society that we make our living with water.
We embrace nature, enrich our society
and encourage our people to take on new challenges.

22024-2026 Mid-term Strategy

# Deliver Quality Growth unique to SBF to become a True Global Beverage Company # Aim for ¥2.5 trillion revenue by 2030 # Proactively develop business in line with the 4 key strategic pillars

Brand strategy

  • Strengthening of Core Brands Innovation
  • Expansion of the cross-selling areas of strategic brands
  • Creation of global Suntory brands

Business structural transformation

  • Japan: Acceleration of structural transformation
    for stronger earning capacity
  • Overseas: faster growth and stronger earning capacity
  • Business portfolio expansion (New category (RTD), etc)


  • Integration of various ideas and values to boost corporate competitiveness


  • More efforts to address environmental and social issues

32024-2026 Mid-term Plan

# Based on mid-term plan, approved at 23. Nov SBF Board, Disclose Revenue, OI CAGR growth, OI margin and FCF target # For growth investment, continue to prioritize to M&A though strengthen strategic CAPEX & global brand expansion

Organic Growth
mid-single digit growth*1
Operating Income
high-single digit growth*1
Operating Income Margin
Above 10%
by 2026
Free Cash Flow*2
Over ¥140 billion
from 2026
Growth Investment
¥300 billion - ¥600 billion
  • M&A
  • Strategic CAPEX
    (incl. Sustainability investment)
  • Global brand
Dividend Policy
From FY2024,
target dividend payout ratio
over 40%*3
  • *1
    Base year: 2023, on a currency neutral basis
  • *2
    Free Cash Flow = Operating CF - Investment CF
  • *3
    Based of Profit for the year attributable to owners of the Company