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Aiming to Achieve High-quality Growth
as a True Global Beverage Company

Makiko Ono President & Chief Executive Officer

Makiko Ono

President & Chief Executive Officer

We are now surrounded by extremely difficult business environment, such as global political uncertainty, surging material and energy costs, and the sharp devaluation of yen. For the future, we aim to achieve sustainable business growth and enhance our corporate value, despite the likelihood of persisting worldwide uncertainties and a challenging competitive landscape. To such ends, we have accordingly formulated a new corporate philosophy (“Our Purpose,” “Our Values,” “Who We Are”) in citing the objective of seeking to achieve high-quality growth as a True Global Beverage Company. We will also work to achieve ambitious targets as a medium-term plan established upon our having formulated a new medium-term strategy.

In seeking to attain further business growth, we will embrace various forms of diversity and accelerate our global DEI initiatives, while also redoubling our efforts in regard to our sustainability initiatives in positioning water, greenhouse gases, and plastics as key priorities toward achieving our targets toward 2030.

We will focus on our efforts to become a True Global Beverage Company that is beloved by consumers, stakeholders and employees.