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For Those Wanting to Live Healthily, Positively, and in Their Own Way —The "SUNTORY+" Healthcare Service Promotes Healthy Behavior and Habits and Supports Corporate Health and Productivity Management

Overview and Purpose

SUNTORY+ is a new service that offers proposals for healthy lifestyles. It is a new venture launched by Suntory that makes use of digital technologies to support customers’ health.

We are now in an era in which it is essential for companies to engage in health and productivity management and promote the health of their employees, who together are a valuable management resource. Considering those who want to live healthily, positively, and in their own way, and with a desire to support such individuals, Suntory has launched an initiative to support corporate health and productivity management. This is the SUNTORY+ healthcare service, which aims to promote healthy behavior in line with user needs by making use of elements unique to Suntory: numerous touchpoints in the form of workplace vending machines, and a beverage lineup that can help to solve issues related to body fat, blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar intake.

SUNTORY+ is a healthcare service app that supports the healthy behaviors and habits of employees. Based on the results of a health risk check, the app displays a number of personalized, super-simple tasks (supervised by THF Co., Ltd.*1 that promote the user’s health. There are approximately 60 tasks in total, including "Drink another glass of milk with breakfast," "Walk straight with long strides," and "Chew your food well," all of which help to make healthy behavior a habit.

The app supports the continuation of healthy habits, too, with users who continue with their tasks receiving drinks coupons and loyalty points that can be exchanged for healthy drinks at vending machines.*2 Linking an app personalized to individual lifestyles with vending machines familiar to working people, and ultimately healthy drinks, SUNTORY+ is easy for anyone to use, and helps promote healthy habits in a natural way.*3
Through SUNTORY+, working individuals can improve their health through the completion of simple tasks.

In 2021, SUNTORY+ was recognized with the internationally prestigious iF Design Award. iF Design Awards are conferred to outstanding designs every year by the iF International Forum Design, the world’s oldest design organization, headquartered in Hanover, Germany.

  • *1
    A consulting company that supports health businesses using research results from the University of Tsukuba.
    The company provides educational programs for weight loss based on the University of Tsukuba’s Smart Diet Theory.
    The company has achieved positive results through corporate and regional health education activities.
  • *2
    Drinks can only be exchanged at vending machines compatible with SUNTORY+.
  • *3
    This service does not aim to provide diagnoses, preventive care, or treatment, etc.
SUNTORY+ / A health-oriented app that promotes the continued, enjoyable completion of small tasks.
No. of simple yet scientifically proven tasks Approx. 60
Supporting the continuation of healthy habits through coupons and loyalty points that can be used at workplace vending machines
A web service through which companies can promote healthy behavior among their employees while seeing the relevant data