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  • No.SBF0431(2016/7/1)

Suntory Tokucha Caffeine Zero (FOSHU)

Blend tea that helps reduce body fat.
Refreshing, great tasting FOSHU, now caffeine free!

Suntory Beverage & Food Limited (SBF) announces a new addition to the Iyemon Tokucha (FOSHU) series of products. Suntory Tokucha Caffeine Zero (FOSHU) will be available nationwide beginning August 2 (Tuesday).

Iyemon Tokucha is a FOSHU (food for specified health uses) beverage that helps the lowering of body fat and is the first FOSHU soft drink that focuses on the breakdown of body fat. As a FOSHU soft drink that works to lower body fat, Iyemon Tokucha is perfect not only for drinking with meals, but also as for drinking during work and sports. Iyemon Tokucha features a pleasing flavor that can be enjoyed daily.

Recent years have seen continues growth for the blend tea and barley tea (mugicha) (caffeine free) markets. Responding to customer needs for a “blend tea that helps lower body fat,” SBF introduces Iyemon Tokucha Caffeine Zero, a new FOSHU beverage that keeps the same property of helping lower body fat while offering new value in the form of a caffeine free version of Iyemon Tokucha, the No. 1 FOSHU beverage on the market.

*INTAGE SRI data; FOSHU tea drink market / 2015 January – December
Iyemon Tokucha (FOSHU) brand cumulative sales amount
Sites: Total for Supermarkets, convenience stores, drug stores in Japan

Characteristics of the product’s flavor
We gently roast barley to its core to reduce off-flavors while maximizing aroma. And by using the perfect blend of 10* ingredients that suit the tastes of Japanese consumers, we created a subtle-tasting blend tea with a flavor not attainable from barely alone. As with Iyemon Tokucha (FOSHU), we included quercetin glycoside, which works to stimulate lipolytic enzymes, to earn FOSHU certification as a product that helps lower body fat.

*10 ingredients: Barley, adlay, brown rice, soy bean (including black beans), senna tea, persimmon leaf, kombu, shiitake, and white rice.

Package characteristics
Featuring “helps lower body fat” over a gold background and the red FOSHU mark combined with the design of a glass filled with tea and the lettering “Caffeine Zero (Free)” and “”Barley Blend Tea” to easily convey the product’s status as a FOSHU beverage and its flavor.

We will promote the launch of Iyemon Tokucha Caffeine Zero (FOSHU) with an aggressive communication campaign featuring television commercials and sampling.


- Memo -

▼Product name, volume, MSRP (taxes not included) and packaging
Suntory Iyemon Tokucha Caffeine Zero (FOSHU)
500 ml PET Bottle    170 yen    24 bottles

▼Release date  August 2, 2016 (Tuesday)

▼Region     Nationwide

*May not be available in all stores.

▼Suntory Iyemon Tokucha (Japanese only)
 Suntory Green Tea Iyemon website (Japanese only)
 Suntory Health Beverage NAVI (Japanese only)


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