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  • No.SBF0563(2017/8/7)

Suntory Coffee BOSS 25th Anniversary Introducing New Pride of BOSS

The culmination of 25 years of pride in being the “coffee of the working people”
Also revamped 5 other major products

Suntory Beverage & Food Limited (SBF) announces the new release of the Pride of BOSS series, a canned coffee that culminates the 25-year history of BOSS can coffees, as part of our large-scale promotional campaign to celebrate the 25th anniversary of BOSS. The first in this series will be released on September 5 (Tuesday). On the same date, we will be releasing revamped versions of 5 of our major products.

Since first rolled out in 1992, BOSS has been a long-selling favorite that many consumers recognize as the “coffee of the working people.” By continuously enhancing our lineup with products that fulfill the diverse needs of our customers and through captivating TV commercials and consumer campaigns, BOSS has become a brand that is loved by our customers and that continues to achieve growth.

The new Pride of BOSS aims to further invigorate the 185g canned coffee market, which accounts for about 70% of the canned coffee market by reflecting changes in consumers of 185g canned coffee consumers by releasing a canned coffee that epitomizes the 25-year history of the BOSS brand.
The name Pride of BOSS reflects the spirit of proud working people who have long been high-volume consumers of BOSS canned coffees, the pride we feel in having supported working people over the past 25 years, and the continuing commitment of BOSS to be the partner of the working people.

●Pride of Boss flavor and package characteristics
This first release in the Pride of BOSS line features a flavor that focuses on the coffee bean. We used carefully selected beans from the Bau Farm*1 in Brazil, one of our partner producers. We also use extra deep roasted coffee oils extracted using SBF’s proprietary technology to achieve an elegant richness and aroma. The package features a simple silver embossed can to reflect the BOSS brand’s unwavering pride in our canned coffee manufacturing. We also add a stamp to emphasize the product’s special status as a BOSS 25th Anniversary product.

*1: Located at the ideal altitude and climate for coffee cultivation, the Bau Farm actively pursue leading technology and bean improvement research. The Bau Farm is dedicated to the cultivation of high-quality coffee beans. Coffee beans from the Bau Farm are used in coffee shops all over the world as gourmet coffee.

●Revamping 5 mainstay products
To further satisfy consumers of 185g canned coffee, we are revamping the flavor and packages of five long-loved mainstay products (PREMIUM BOSS, BOSS Rainbow Mountain Blend, BOSS Zeitaku Bito, BOSS Muto Black, and BOSS Café Au Lait).

PREMIUM BOSS is a standard type of canned coffee with the strong richness of coffee that is achieved by flash freezing a blend of high-quality beans to concentrate richness and using a perfected blend of micro-fine coffee beans ground as fine as possible.
We are revamping the flavor by choosing only the richest beans among the premium quality Brazilian beans we select and pulverize into micro-fine grounds to further enhance the richest flavor in the BOSS brand.

BOSS Rainbow Mountain Blend
BOSS Rainbow Mountain Blend is unique for its full body achieved by using Rainbow Mountain Blend coffee beans, the only beans that are named and certified by Anacafe, the Guatemalan National Coffee Association*2. This revamped product enhances the strong aroma of the coffee to provide a more satisfying flavor.

BOSS Zeitaku Bito
Since its launch in 2007, BOSS Zeitaku Bito has remained popular as a well-balanced, lightly sweetened canned coffee that features the delicious flavor of coffee without unwanted bitterness. BOSS Zeitaku Bito has become the No. 1*3 product on the lightly sweetened canned coffee market.
We have revamped the product by increasing the ratio of luxury coffee beans to enhance the luxurious richness that is the distinguishing feature of BOSS Zeitaku Bito.

BOSS Muto Black
BOSS Muto Black is popular for its richness, unique aroma, and its balanced refreshing aftertaste. BOSS Muto Black has become the No. 1*4 product on the black canned coffee market. This newly revamped product maintains the current flavor profile and ease of consumption while providing an enhanced aroma.

BOSS Café Au Lait
BOSS Café Au Lait is very popular among consumers as a smooth café au lait for adults that combines cream produced in Hokkaido with carefully selected milk and the aroma of dark roasted coffee. BOSS Café Au Lait has become the No. 1*5 product on the café au lait canned coffee market. This newly revamped product maintains the satisfying flavor profile as a café au lait drink and ease of consumption while providing an enhanced aroma.

*2: Anacafe, the Guatemalan National Coffee Association was established in 1969 and is the only organization established via government decree for the purpose of protecting the interests of coffee producers in Guatemala. In addition to providing agricultural technology guidance, quality improvement guidance, and market information to local producers, the Association issues export licenses and conducts coffee quality audits. The Association also works to promote Guatemalan coffee overseas.

*3: Based on Intage SRI research. Lightly sweetened canned coffee market. Cumulative sales amount between July 2016 and June 2017. Total for all SM, CVS, and drug stores in Japan.

*4: Based on Intage SRI research. Black canned coffee market. Cumulative sales amount between July 2016 and June 2017. Total for all SM, CVS, and drug stores in Japan.

*5: Based on Intage SRI research. Café au lait canned coffee market. Cumulative sales amount between July 2016 and June 2017. Total for all SM, CVS, and drug stores in Japan.

In addition to this launch of new products and the revamping of mainstay products, we will conduct a large-scale marketing campaign featuring new TV commercials and various other promotional activities to generate interest for the 25th anniversary of the BOSS brand.

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●About the product
▼Product overview

Product nameVolumeMSRP
(tax not included)
Pride of BOSS 185g can ¥115 30 cans
BOSS Rainbow Mountain Blend
BOSS Zeitaku Bito
BOSS Muto Black
BOSS Café Au Lait

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