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  • No.SBF0663(2018/3/26)

An Original New Japanese Brand Created for “Cola Lovers,” Pepsi J-Cola

― Pepsi J-Cola Zero and Pepsi J-Cola Midnight to be launched simultaneously ―

On April 17 (Tuesday), 2018, Suntory Beverage & Food Limited (SBF) will launch Pepsi J-Cola nationwide as a new core brand for Pepsi.

Pepsi J-Cola aims to be a new cola that can provide the maximum satisfaction to Japan's “cola lovers” under the concept of “JAPAN & JOY COLA,” and is positioned as a new, strategic brand for the Japanese market. During development, Suntory worked to determine consumer needs by talking directly with more than 100 “cola lovers,” and began development from scratch with the goal of achieving a refreshing taste, derived from the depth of flavor in the mouth combined with a clean aftertaste.
Three product types are offered: the regular sugared Pepsi J-Cola, the zero-calorie Pepsi J-Cola Zero, and the flavored Pepsi J-Cola Midnight. After the launch an active program of communication and promotion on the theme of “JAPAN & JOY” will be rolled out, with the aim of reinvigorating the cola market.

● Taste characteristics
< Regular/Zero>
In order to achieve the taste that Japan's “cola lovers” desired, Pepsi J-Cola was designed with a carefully balanced combination of spices and citrus flavors unique to Japan.
The end result is a taste that can be felt from the very first mouthful, with both a robust mouth feel and a sharp and clean aftertaste, delivering an exceptionally refreshing experience that is popular with Japan's “cola lovers.”

Focusing on the fact that around half of Japan's “cola lovers” drink cola in the evenings and during the hours of night, it was developed a new cola suitable for the night scene.
While retaining the robust mouth feel of the regular product, this taste, with its drifting hint of cassis, is perfectly matched to the needs of those enjoying the resonances of the night scene.

● Packaging characteristics
The powerful brush strokes of the “J-cola” combine with motifs reminiscent of Hokusai's Ukiyo-e to proclaim a special Pepsi for Japan's “cola lovers.”
The design envisages “JAPAN & JOY” with a sense of energy and exhilaration that is a perfect fit for the fun and excitement of the cola scene.


▼Product Information

Product NameVolumeSuggested Retail Price
(Before Tax)
PackingLaunch date
Pepsi J-Cola 490 ml 140 24
April 17 (Tuesday)
Pepsi J-Cola Zero
Pepsi J-Cola Midnight

*Other packages and volumes will be launched also on the same date.

▼Region  Nationwide

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