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  • No.SBF1070(2020/12/14)

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Suntory Beverage & Food Limited Named on CDP A Lists for Both Water Security and Climate Change

Marks Fifth Consecutive Year of Recognition on Water Security and Fourth Time, Second Consecutive Year on Climate Change

Suntory Beverage & Food Limited is pleased to announce it has been named on the CDP Water Security A List for 2020. This marks the fifth consecutive year that SBF has received such high marks from CDP, the global non-profit that runs CDP’s environmental disclosure system. At the same time, SBF has also been named on the CDP Climate Change A List for 2020 again this year for a fourth time.

CDP is a global non-profit that exists to measure, disclose, manage, and share critical environmental information on corporations and cities. Its annual environmental disclosure and scoring process is a widely recognized standard in corporate environmental disclosure. This year, a total of 515 investors with assets exceeding US$106 trillion and 125 major buyers with some US$4 trillion in purchasing power used the CDP platform to request environmental disclosures, while more than 9,600 corporations responded.

SBF views this year’s CDP Water Security 2020 honor as a recognition of the overall success of Suntory Group’s unique efforts at combining research and production through “Mizu To Ikiru,” including not only the group’s water conservation activities based on our Sustainable Water Philosophy, such as the hydrological cycle surveys conducted by the Suntory Institute for Water Science and the use of water cascading at our plants,1 but also our efforts in local communities, such as our water risk assessments conducted worldwide on areas around watersheds, our science-based Natural Water Sanctuary activities to cultivate water resources, our worldwide Suntory Mizuiku-Natural Water Education Program, and our certification by the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) for our sustainable water use at the watersheds around our plants.

1. Cascading is a technique that classifies water used in the manufacturing process by grade (degree of cleanliness), such as water for cooling, water for cleaning, etc., and reuses it in stages, passing it from applications in which the highest grade is needed to applications for which the next lower grade will suffice.

Likewise, SBF sees the CDP Climate Change 2020 honor as an overall recognition of Suntory Group’s Environmental Vision 2050, our goal of reaching zero green-house gas emissions across the entire value chain, our strong leadership on reforms to achieve a recycling-based, carbon-free society through the Suntory Group Plastic Policy, our engagement with suppliers, including on energy conservation through F-to-P Direct Recycling Technology developed in collaboration with suppliers and on SCOPE3 CO2 reductions, and our CO2 zero-emissions plant,2 the Suntory Tennensui Kita-Alps Shinano no Mori Plant.

2. A CO2 zero-emissions plant is one that generates essentially zero CO2 emissions in the manufacturing process by promoting energy conservation, adopting renewable energy, and using credits to offset CO2 emissions from fossil-fuel sources.

Guided by “Mizu To Ikiru,” our promise to society, Suntory Beverage & Food Limited has dedicated years to “preserving and regenerating nature,” “reducing environmental impact,” and educating future generations through the Suntory Mizuiku–Natural Water Education Program.

As a group of more than 300 domestic and international companies that all share the same philosophy, we will continue to pursue activities in a way that best suits the local environment of each while contributing to the conservation of our business’s most precious resource—water.

▽Suntory Beverage & Food Limited Website (Environmental Website)

▽About CSR at the Suntory Group

▽CDP Website

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