-CEO Message

For the Suntory Group, proactive action is key to continuously deliver progress on sustainability.

Takeshi Niinami
Suntory Holdings Limited
Representative Director, President & Chief Executive Officer

CEO Message

Suntory’s Sustainable Management

The mission of the Suntory Group is to contribute to building a sustainable society where enriching people's lives
and preserving natural environment coexist.

Sustainability Stories

Sustainability Stories

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    • Accelerating our Sustainability Ambitions

      Accelerating our Sustainability Ambitions

    • 『The Water Cycle』 short ver.

      『The Water Cycle』 short ver.


    Video Library

  • Group Company's Sustainability

  • Right from its founding in 1899, Suntory has worked to expand its business. Operating today as the Suntory Group, the company is active across a broad range of fields that include not only the alcoholic beverage, non-alcoholic beverage, and food businesses, but also health foods, restaurants, and flowers.