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Sales volume of Suntory Tennensui

Annual sales of
million cases

Suntory Tennensui's annual sales volume exceeded 100 million cases for 5 consecutive years from 2016 and became the No.1*1 brand in domestic soft drink market since 2018.
*1 Based on company estimation

Sales volume of Boss

Annual sales of
million cases

BOSS brand's annual sales volume exceeded 100 million cases for 2 consecutive years.
BOSS has a wide range of products including canned and PET bottled coffee and is a brand loved by many consumers as a "companion for working people".

Cumulative sales volume of Iyemon

billion bottles

Suntory Green Tea Iyemon has satisfied consumers since the brand has launched in 2004 and annual sales exceeded 10 billion bottles *2 in 2019.
Iyemon has implemented the largest renewal in April 2020, since launched.
The freshly brewed, bright green water color "Suishoku" has well received by consumers of all ages.
*2 Company shipping base

FOSHU drink Iyemon Tokucha

No.1selling FOSHU drink

Iyemon Tokucha is a FOSHU (food for specified health uses) beverage that helps the lowering of body fat and is the first FOSHU soft drink that focuses on the breakdown of body fat. The product has been the No. 1 selling FOSHU drink for seven consecutive years *3 following its launch in 2013.

*3 Source: INTAGE SRI data; FOSHU tea drink market / 2014 January – 2020 December Iyemon Tokucha (FOSHU) sales amount

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