Quality Assurance

Suntory Beverage & Food has established Quality policy / Food safety policy for beverage production, and aims to become the most trusted and beloved beverage company by maintaining and improving quality throughout the value chain, from R&D, product planning and design, raw ingredients procurement, manufacturing, distribution and sales. In addition, we believe it is important for each and every employee of the Suntory Group to always be aware that they are responsible for quality in their activities, and we continue to implement quality education and awareness programs through internal training and other means.

Quality assurance initiatives in each process

Value Chain Diagram Value Chain Diagram

Water, crops,
natural resource

We ensure the safety of water, crops, and natural resources we use for our products by evaluating risks from different perspectives.

Research and Development

We passionately engage in research and development to create products that exceed the expectations.

Product Planning and Development

We plan and develop products to deliver the best taste for our customers.


To deliver high quality, safe and reliable products to our customers, we promote quality assurance initiatives at our manufacturing facilities.


To sustain the quality of the products, we monitor the temperature and humidity of the facilities, make special packaging to prevent damage to our products and implement initiatives to prevent change in appearance of cardboard packaging.


We deliver to our customers the best products and services.