Quality Assurance

Container Packaging

To ensure compliance with the law and safety, we examine the expected risk for each type of container, such as cans, bottles, plastic bottles, and paper packs, at all phases, from material selection to design and manufacture.

Design review diagram

Guaranteeing quality in terms of both usability and strength

Since container packaging is regarded as an important aspect in product quality, we both design and evaluate it. Various tests have shown that the design is as intended and that there are no issues with the product.


The adhesive strength of plastic bottle labels is investigated by user tests to determine the strength in which consumers find it easy enough to peel off. Machines are also used to test the adhesive strength of the manufactured product. Similarly, user testing and other tests indicate the ease with which caps and cans can be opened.

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    the degree to which something is easy to use and handle
Strength tests

We drop cans and PET-bottled beverages as cardboard boxes for the test, anticipating a scenario when carrying luggage, to ensure that the contents do not leak as a result of the impact of the drop.

  • Photo of user tests

    User Tests

  • Diagram of verification of label adhesive strength

    Verification of label adhesive strength

New challenges for high quality container packaging

Performance and components required for containers vary, including robustness, usability, appealing design, and weight reduction.
Suntory Group has established a plastic bottle prototype and manufactures more than 200 prototypes every year to test the development of new containers.

Photo of plastic bottle prototype equipment

Plastic bottle prototype equipment

Analyzing and evaluating the effect on content

Suntory Group’s unique standards are used to select container packaging following extensive testing and analysis. Using cutting-edge technology, we study and assess the composition of containers and packaging, as well as the influence of products on the contents, and confirm its safety.

In addition, we research and assess the effects of oxygen and light on the quality of the contents over time, which leads to the development of higher quality container packaging in collaboration with packaging material producers.

Photo of analysis using a gas chromatograph

Analysis using a gas chromatograph
We confirm that the containers and packaging materials
do not contain any dangerous elements.