Quality Assurance


Checking Quality of Agricultural Produce through On-site Visits

Coffee beans and tea leaves are agricultural products, the final quality of which is greatly impacted by the climate and natural features of the land in which they are produced, as well as the skills of those involved in their cultivation. Every year in harvest season, we hold on-site quality meetings to share our ideas on desired flavors, before acquiring only the necessary quantity of beans and leaves, and only those that have met strict flavor standards. Further, Suntory Group employees working on final products and ingredients always travel to these producing regions to check on cultivation progress, sorting arrangements, and other factors with their own eyes.

  • Photo of employees checking on the growth of tea leaves

    Employees checking on the growth of tea leaves

  • Photo of harvesting coffee cherries

    Harvesting coffee cherries

  • Photo of on-site quality meetings

    On-site quality meetings

  • Photo of analyzing data at an on-site quality assurance center

    Analyzing data at an on-site quality assurance center

Monitoring Quality Assurance Arrangements through On-site Visits

At Suntory Group we visit the factories of ingredient manufacturers to monitor their manufacturing processes and quality assurance arrangements. If we find any areas for improvement, we work with the manufacturers to improve quality.

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