Quality Assurance

Safety Assessment of Raw Ingredients

We manage the risks of raw ingredients from a variety of perspectives

Suntory Group examines the expected hazards from numerous perspectives at each stage of production, from raw ingredients to ultimate use, assuring compliance with regulations and safety.

Diagram of safety risk assessment by raw material

Selecting Reliable Suppliers

One product involves many suppliers (suppliers of raw ingredients). Suntory Group has developed standards for each format, including producers, raw ingredients manufacturers, and trading companies, depending on their responsibilities and roles, and evaluates and chooses them based on these factors.
Furthermore, in the case of raw ingredients that are considered to be particularly important and raw ingredients deemed to have potential risks, at Suntory Group we go directly to the production site of raw ingredients, conduct the quality audit* of suppliers, and check their quality assurance system.

  • *
    Identifying and assessing quality risks at the production site through on-site audits and confirming that the measures taken are appropriate.
Diagram of evaluation and checking


Development of human resources responsible for quality audits

Suntory Group is committed to human resource development in order to visit sites and conduct accurate quality audits.
We specifically conduct training on learning the business skills required for quality audits, such as being able to detect risk factors hidden in raw ingredients and checkpoints during audits.

Image of Training

Image of Training

Setting up our own plan and acquiring a quality assurance document

In addition to standards stipulated by laws such as the Food Sanitation Act, we have established our own high standards based on Suntory Group’s know-how as well as the scientific evidence we have acquired over the years. We attained a safer level of product creation by using only raw inigredients that met these specifications.

Diagram of science based standards
Quality assurance certificate and photos of the analysis