Quality Assurance


The water used is managed by each factory

Every factory’s water is examined and inspected on a daily basis.
In addition to ensure safety through chemical analysis and microbial testing, we use sensory analysis to confirm changes in water that cannot be detected by analytical instruments.

  • Photo 1 of microbial tests
  • Photo 2 of microbial tests
  • Photo 3 of microbial tests

Microbial tests are performed to ensure that there is no bacterial contamination.

  • Photo 1  of sensory analysis
  • Photo 2 of sensory analysis

Sensory analysis reveals that the water has not changed.

We scientifically guarantee the "safety" of the water

Suntory Group’s "Safety Science Institute" collects water needed for products from all of its Japanese factories, analyzes and inspects it on a regular basis, and assures its safety.

Photo of dedicated refrigerator

Analytical water samples sent from domestic and international enterprises are kept in a designated refrigerator.

There are roughly 140 periodic inspections, including evaluation of Suntory Group’s unique goods, in addition to those under the "Water Supply Law and Water Quality Standards."

Suntory Group’s own standard items Approximately 140 items

Analytical values are useful not only for establishing the quality of water when using it, but also for detecting minor abnormalities in water quality and predicting water quality oscillations by watching them over time.

The Suntory Groupf received ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation in 2015, an international standard that verifies a laboratory’s competence to generate proper test findings for elemental analysis of water.

Photo of multi-item simultaneous analysis of water

Example of multi-item simultaneous analysis of water