Quality Assurance


Equipment and Systems to Manage Everything from Shipment to Delivery

To maintain the quality of our products, at Suntory Beverage & Food we engage in educational activities with our transport and storage partners to further understanding and cooperation with regard to product storage quality. In addition, we actually monitor how equipment, safety, and hygiene are managed at warehouses, such as by checking warehouse temperature and humidity.


Amid increasing awareness in sustainability, we are reducing the use of cardboard boxes and packaging as one part of our efforts to conserve resources. Thus, we are required to treat them carefully during transport.
To minimize the shocks on truck during transport and in turn prevent damage to and protect our products, we insert specially made cushioning when loading products onto the truck.

  • Photo 1 of products being loaded onto a truck.
  • Photo 2 of products being loaded onto a truck.
Preventing Changes in Appearance

When storing products in the rainy season, large fluctuations in warehouse temperature and humidity can cause cardboard boxes to warp and bulge.
To prevent this occurrence, we constantly measure warehouse temperature and humidity and ensure appropriate ventilation.
Further, for products manufactured in the rainy season, we change the cardboard boxes to those using reinforced fluting to prevent warping and bulging.