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We are conducting various initiatives to contribute to sustainable society

Natural Water Sanctuary


Under the Suntory Group’s corporate slogan ‘Mizu to Ikiru (Sustained by Nature and Water)’, The Suntory Group started its Natural Water Sanctuary Initiative in 2003 to improve water resource cultivation and preserving biodiversity. The initiative has now expanded to over 12,000 hectares in 23 locations in 16 prefectures across Japan, and is recharging twice the volume of water it pumps from underground at its owned plants in Japan.

We also conduct the next-generation environmental education initiative called Suntory, started in 2004.
Suntory Mizuiku is an original program designed to help children appreciate the wonder of nature, realize the importance of water and the forests that store water, and consider what they can do to pass on clean water resources to the future.

Suntory Holdings including SBF named as
CDP Climate Change A List Company

5years in a row
CDP Water Security A List Company
8years in a row

Suntory Holdings including SBF has been recognized for leadership in corporate sustainability by global environmental non-profit CDP, securing a place on its prestigious ‘A List’ for both tackling climate change and water security. This is the fourth consecutive year to be listed in the Climate Change A list for the Suntory Group, as well as the seventh consecutive year to receive a position in the Water Security A list.

The group believes it’s wholistic sustainability management including the below listed initiatives have contributed to the listing.
— Group’s 2030 Greenhouse Gas emissions reduction targets being approved by the Science Based Targets initiative and the progress towards achieving the goal
— Completed transitioning to purchasing 100% renewable energy for all of its owned manufacturing sites* in Japan, the Americas and Europe
* Directly owned manufacturing sites and R&D facilities for alcohol and non-alcohol beverage business
— Collecting supplier emission data and sharing best practices for GHG reductions under Scope 3
— Working with suppliers to develop containers and packaging that contribute to GHG reduction
Quantitatively disclosed the impact of risks and opportunities due to climate change on business, which were assessed and identified based on TCFD recommendations, using scenario analysis techniques.
— Promotes risk assessment, management, and initiatives related to water to its own factories

Environmentally friendly
containers and packaging

Using the lightest PET bottle in Japan, weighing


The Suntory Group works to develop containers and packaging as part of environmental burden reduction initiatives. Suntory Beverage & Food uses 550mL PET bottles for Suntory Tennensui mineral water that it independently developed to be the lightest* (11.9g) in Japan (excluding PET bottles for use in vending machines). We have reduced the amount of raw materials derived from petroleum by 50% for each 550 mL bottle compared to 2000 (24.0g).

*Plastic bottles for mineral water (500mL to 600mL) in Japan as of April 2023

Initiatives in containers and packaging

Preventing Global Warming
Initiatives in Production and R&D

Suntory Group including SBF Purchases
100% Renewable Electricity for all its
Owned Manufacturing Sites and R&D Facilities in Japan, the Americas and Europe (*1)

SBF including Suntory group have completed the conversion of 100% of the electricity purchased at all of our directly-owned manufacturing sites and R&D facilities in Japan, the Americas, and Europe to renewable energy by the end of 2022. In addition to purchased electricity, we are also installing solar panels and biomass boilers at our plants to generate renewable energy on our own.

*1 For its alcohol and non-alcohol beverage business

The Kita Alps Shinano-no-Mori Plant
(Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan)

Initiative to use 100% sustainable PET bottles

Ratio of sustainable (recycled or plant-based) materials ※1 used (by weight)
2023 actual :

Japan 53%
※1 PET bottles using recycled or plant-based materials 100%

The Suntory Group, which includes Suntory Beverage & Food, has set a target of switching all products to 100% sustainable PET bottles (made of recycled or plant-based material) by 2030. Prioritizing environment-friendly “bottle to bottle” horizontal recycling, the Group is aiming to realize a sustainable society as achieving PET bottle circularity by repeatedly recycling PET bottles as a resource.

※2 Ratio of sustainable (recycled or plant-based) materials used (by weight)

Initiatives in containers and packaging

We strive to provide
evermore pleasing products to consumers around the world,
to be the leading global soft drink company.

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