“The PREMIUM MALT’S HOUSE” where you can experience
the feature of TPM will be opened in 9 cities
around the world for a limited period, starting from Saturday, July 1.

A flagship beer bar “The PREMIUM MALT'S HOUSE”
opened in February in Tokyo Japan, where you can enjoy
the “Kami-Awa” quality of The Premium Malt’s.
“Kami-Awa” meaning “Super Fine Creamy Foam” is
an original term to express the creaminess of the foam.

The Premium Malt’s is a premium beer brewed only
in Japan by its dedicated craftmanship using carefully
selected ingredients including high-quality groundwater,
Diamond Malt and European Aroma Hops.

This time, “The PREMIUM MALT'S HOUSE” will be opening
in 9 cities around the world, with the aim to offer consumers
overseas to experience the value of The Premium Malt's.



    A flagship store where you can experience the world view of The Premium Malt’s.
    Please enjoy The Premium Malt’s with highest quality and creamy foam as much as you like.

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