At Suntory, you can be curious, be bold and be the best you can be. You will be challenged to innovate, to dream big and to never give up to make the change you want to see.

At Suntory, you can be curious, be bold and be the best you can be. You will be challenged to innovate, to dream big and to never give up to make the change you want to see.

Suntory University

Suntory Group believes that the source of our growth is “people” and is actively engaged in talent development, opening a corporate university, “Suntory University” in April 2015. Suntory University is committed to the development and growth of all Suntorians around the world.

MySU(My Suntory University)

MySU (My Suntory University) is a global digital learning platform that unlocks the unlimited potential of all Suntorians around the world.
It is where all Suntorians can consume, create and share learning in line with their career aspirations.
By providing relevant and targeted learning to everyone, no matter where they are, when they learn, and from which devices they use, MySU empowers all Suntorians as they endeavor to make a positive impact on society and nature in the spirit of Yatte Minahare.
Click on the video below to get an exciting look into what could be your brighter future, filled with endless possibilities and opportunities.

Suntory University Programs

This program is designed for senior leaders in global to inspire, educate and immerse Senior Executives in our unique Suntory culture, heritage, philosophy & ‘DNA’ . CEO and other top management have sessions and participants visit many sites in Japan to know and feel our culture. They gain a management perspective across national, organizational, and functional boundaries and find seeds of synergy. Participants are expected to embody the Suntory Group’ s DNA in their own businesses.

Global Leadership Forum

This program is designed with the aim of participants becoming "ambassadors" who will spread Suntory's culture within their own organizations. Through dialogues with management, site visit and communication among participants, we accelerate understanding and penetration of the Suntory Group's culture, corporate philosophy, and founding spirit.

Ambassador Program

Suntory developed this 1-week program in partnership with Harvard Business School to realize a true "Global One Suntory" that transcends national borders and to strengthen the organization's ability to compete in the global marketplace. Through discussions with top management and Harvard faculty, participants learn about global business trends and innovations, and develop senior leaders with global mindset, leadership skills, and a group management network in global.

Suntory Harvard Program

The program targets leaders selected from across the Suntory Group and aims to continuously develop the pool of future global management talent. The approximately eight-month program is designed in partnership with Cambridge University, and participants will go through a total of three group sessions, coaching and action learning, and make a final presentation directly to the management team. Participants learn about mindset and key issues such as sustainability and gain a deep understanding of leadership in global management.

Global Leadership Development Program

This program was developed jointly with Wharton Business School with the aim of fostering global leaders who can lead the entire Suntory Group beyond the boundaries of its businesses. Through this eight-month program, participants will strengthen their leadership skills, deepen their innovative and strategic thinking, and acquire the abilities required of senior global leaders. Participants challenge Action Learning Program in global team, and they develop global synergy across regions and businesses by building a network of leaders.

Beyond Borders