News Release

  • (Reference Material)(2019/1/31)
  • Suntory Holdings Limited

Suntory Holdings Limited Ranked No.4 in the World’s Most Admired Companies (Beverage Industry) by American Business Magazine FORTUNE

Suntory Holdings Limited was selected as No.4 in the ranking for the World’s Most Admired Companies (Beverage Industry), which was published by American business magazine FORTUNE on January 22.

This is the world’s authoritative ranking of companies that FORTUNE has been publishing annually since 1997. Targeting roughly 680 major companies around the world, it ranks companies based on a survey of nine key attributes* which are evaluated by approximately 3,750 people including business executives and financial analysts.

* 1) Innovation 2) People Management
   3) Use of Corporate Assets 4) Social Responsibility
   5) Quality of Management 6) Financial Soundness
   7) Long-term Investment Value 8) Quality of Products/Services
   9) Global Competitiveness

Being ranked 4th in this category is the highest position ever for a Japanese company, and we are honored to accept this as a high evaluation of our corporate activities until now.

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