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  • No.13631(2020/1/14)

First and Second Place Golfers at Ai Miyazato Suntory Ladies Open Golf Tournament to Enter AIG Women’s British Open

Contract as Official Soft-drink Partner for AIG Women’s British Open Signed
Total Prize Money Increased from 100 Million Yen to 150 Million Yen

The 30th Ai Miyazato Suntory Ladies Open Golf Tournament will be held this year. Suntory Holdings Limited has become the Official Soft-drink Partner of the AIG Women’s British Open, gaining the right for the first- and second-place golfers at this tournament to enter the AIG Women’s British Open. As well, the total prize money has been increased from 100 million to 150 million yen.

Established in 1990, this tournament was built on the concept of an “International Open Tournament,” providing a space for young golfers to show their strengths through its wide-open access for amateur players from both Japan and overseas. As an approach to nurturing the next generation, many amateur players from Japan and the Asia-Pacific region have been invited, with a final's entry grouping as well.

During the tournament, events include field trips for Kobe City elementary schools, a SNAG golf tournament for juniors, an JLPGA junior lesson session, and a discussion with Ai Miyazato for amateur players taking part. As well, the 2019 tournament is held in collaboration with the Ai Miyazato Invitational Supported by Suntory, a junior tournament for high school and junior high school girls sponsored by Ai Miyazato; the top five golfers will be granted entry to the Monday Tournament at the 2020 Ai Miyazato Suntory Ladies Open.

From the 30th tournament on, five players (the first- and second-place golfer at Ai Miyazato Suntory Ladies Open Golf Tournament and the top three money winners from the start of the 2020 JLPGA in Japan tour through the end of this tournament) will gain entry to the AIG Women’s British Open*. As well, in expectation of more thrilling play for the golf fans to enjoy and more appeal to the players, the total prize money has been increased from 100 million yen to 150 million yen.
As a tournament which supports amateur players in their approach to the pros and professionals in their approach to the world, we plan to contribute further to the growth of golfers and the development of the sport as a whole.
*Excluding players who have already qualified

● Tournament details
Tournament name Ai Miyazato Suntory Ladies Open Golf Tournament

June 8 (Mon.)  Monday Tournament, designated practice day
June 9 (Tue.)  Designated practice day
June 10 (Wed.)  Amateur-Pro Charity Tournament (closed to public)
June 11 (Thu.)  First day of tournament
June 12 (Fri.)  Second day of tournament
June 13 (Sat.)  Third day of tournament
June 14 (Sun.)  Fourth day of tournament

Venue Rokko Kokusai Golf Club (15 Yamada-cho Nishi-shimo Oshibe-michi, Kita-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo)

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