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“Suntory From Farm Tomi No Oka Koshu 2021” wins Platinum Award
at 2023 Decanter World Wine Awards

– The highest rank among this year’s entries from Japan –

Suntory Spirits Ltd., the global leading beverage company with iconic brands such as Japanese whiskies Yamazaki, Hibiki and Hakushu, continued its impressive performance at the 2023 Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA), one of the largest and most influential wine competitions in the world. The company received Platinum Award for “Suntory From Farm Tomi No Oka Koshu 2021*1”, which marks the highest ranked wine among the wines entered from Japan this year.
In addition to this honorable result, "Suntory From Farm Wine No Mirai Tateshina-Machi Koshu Reiryouchi Sodachi 2021*2" won Gold, and the Silver Award was presented to “Suntory From Farm Tomi No Oka Petit Verdot 2020*2”, “Suntory From Farm Koshu White of Japan 2020”, and “Suntory From Farm Wine No Mirai Takayamamura Chardonnay Cuvée Spéciale 2021*2”.

*1: To be sold from autumn 2023

*2: Sold at Suntory Tomi No Oka Winery (Yamanashi Prefecture), EC website "SUNORY FROM FARM Online Shop". Suntory From Farm Wine No Mirai Tateshina-Machi Koshu Reiryouchi Sodachi 2021" is also sold at retailers in Nagano Prefecture.

18,250 wines applied this year's DWWA, and out of all the entries, 125 wines were awarded Platinum, and 705 wines received Gold. We consider these results to be a very significant recognition of the quality and commitment we have pursued to our winemaking.

Under the philosophy of “Fine wine comes from fine grapes”, the company has been concentrating on growing fine wine grapes and producing high-quality wine, by confronting the Japanese terroir for more than 100 years and evolving its grape growing and wine making expertise.

A new brand series “SUNTORY FROM FARM” was established in 2022, with a concept “FROM FARM”, meaning “everything starts from the vineyard” and used in its brand name. With its attention to detail and commitment to high quality, the company has been producing its wine by dedicating to produce fine wine grapes from unique terroir of Japan.

The wines awarded Platinum and Gold are produced from a Japanese unique grape variety “Koshu”, which are grown at Suntory's owned vineyards in Tomi No Oka Winery in Yamanashi Prefecture and Tateshina Town in Nagano Prefecture. The company will continue to elevate its quality and pursue the diverse terroir of this grape variety to further attract its customers and consumers to Japanese wine.

<Comment from Keiko Yoshio, Head of Wine Company, Director, Managing Executive Officer of Suntory Spirits Ltd.>
“We are very honored and pleased to receive these awards. Wine is the founding business of Suntory, and we have been growing grapes for over 100 years since 1909. Confronting the ever-changing Japanese terroir, we are continuously taking on various challenges with our “craftmanship spirit” in the aim to produce the highest quality wines.
We are deeply honored that our Koshu grapes, a Japanese unique variety, was highly acclaimed at this competition, and are very proud of this result as these grapes were produced in Tomi No Oka and Tateshina, the two regions where we had been working with each terroir to produce the wines.
With our dedication to high quality and craftmanship, we will continue to offer our ‘Japanese Wine’ products for our customers and consumers.”

<Tasting Notes>
●Platinum Award: “Suntory From Farm Tomi No Oka Koshu 2021”
Tomi No Oka has a distinctive climate where there is little rainfall, lots of sunlight and a temperature difference between daytime and night. We have been growing the Koshu grapes with our craftmanship and affection, and in 2021, we were able to harvest especially high concentrated grapes.
It is distinctive for the fruity aroma of Japanese Hassaku orange, with a hint of white flowers, white peaches and apples. It is dry and concentrated, with a bread dough-like flavor, with a crisp, clear fruitiness and fresh acidity.

●Gold Award: “Suntory From Farm Wine No Mirai Tateshina-Machi Koshu Reiryouchi Sodachi 2021”
We took on the challenge to grow Koshu grapes at this cool climate region, starting from the preparation of the vineyard. 2021 is our first vintage, and we managed to harvest grapes with rich fruitiness and a refreshing acidity.
It has a characteristic aroma of ripe apples and flowers, with a hint of lemon on the nose. It features a fruity flavor that strongly expresses the ripeness of the grape and has a crisp acidity that reflects the cool climate of the Tateshina Town in Nagano Prefecture.

Learn more about “SUNTORY FROM FARM” here, and about Suntory’s Wine Business here.

About the “Decanter World Wine Awards”
DWWA was established by the world’s leading UK wine magazine “Decanter”, published in approx. 100 countries around the world from 1975. It has been held every year since 2004, marking its 20th time this year. With more than 10,000 wines submitted each year, it is the world’s largest and most influential wine competition, and the wines are judged blind-tasted by top wine experts multiple times.

About Suntory Group
As a global leader in the beverage industry, Suntory Group offers a uniquely diverse portfolio of products, from premium spirits, beer, wine, ready-to-drink alcohol beverages, to brewed teas, bottled water, still and carbonated soft drinks, ready-to-drink coffee and energy drinks, along with health and wellness products. Suntory is home to award-winning Japanese whiskies Yamazaki, Hibiki and Hakushu, as well as iconic American spirits Jim Beam and Maker's Mark. Suntory also fascinates the taste buds with The Premium Malt's beer, and owns the exceptional Japanese wine, Tomi, and the world-famous Château Lagrange. Its brand collection includes Sauza Tequila, non-alcoholic favorites Orangina, Lucozade, Ribena, BOSS coffee, Iyemon green tea, Suntory Tennensui water, TEA+ Oolong Tea, V and BRAND’S, as well as popular health and wellness product Sesamin EX.

Founded as a family-owned business in 1899 in Osaka, Japan, Suntory Group has grown into a global company operating throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania, with an annual revenue (excluding excise taxes) of $20.2 billion in 2022. Its 40,885 employees worldwide draw upon the unique blend of Japanese artisanship and global tastes to explore new product categories and markets.

As a corporation sustained by the gifts of nature and water, Suntory Group will always protect the ecosystems that deliver water. Because its ecosystem is the wellspring, not only of its business and the rich experiences the group creates for people's lives, but also of human life itself. Suntory Group will continue to be a company where everyone is empowered with the freedom and flexibility to innovate. Through all of its corporate pursuits, Suntory seeks to inspire the brilliance of life.

Learn more about Suntory Group, its brands, and its commitment to social responsibility and sustainability at, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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