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Suntory and Daikin to Co-host SDGs Program Themed “Water and Air” for the Next Generation
SUNTORY × DAIKIN "Out of KidZania" Water and Air Researchers
~ Children Proposing the Future of Water and Air from Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan ~
“Children's Summit” to be held at the Expo

– Program in Collaboration with KidZania starts to recruit participants on June 25 –

Suntory Holdings Limited and Daikin Industries, Ltd. will jointly hold the SDGs program “SUNTORY × DAIKIN "Out of KidZania" Water and Air Researchers ~ Children Proposing the Future of Water and Air from Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan ~” for the next generation to think about the importance of “water and air” at the Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan. This program will be conducted with the cooperation of KCJ GROUP INC., which operates KidZania in Japan, a facility where children take the lead and can learn about jobs and the social system while having fun. The recruitment of participants will on its dedicated website from June 25, 2024.

This initiative is a program in which children, who will be responsible for creating a “future society for our lives” will learn about the importance of “water and air”, which are essential for all living things, and think about what they can do to pass them on to the future. The program which involves applicants to experience jobs related to “water and air” and group work, will start in August 2024 and end with a “Children's Summit” held at Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan. The participants will present the final results of the program and proposals for the future society at the Expo site, where people from all over the world will visit.

Insights and learnings gained through this program will be shared by the children on the stage of the Expo, and are expected to serve as a catalyst for behavioral change toward a sustainable future society for each and every one of us.

About the Program
Program Name:
SUNTORY×DAIKIN "Out of KidZania" Water and Air Researchers
~ Children Proposing the Future of Water and Air from Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan ~
Seven work experience/group work sessions (including two online) between August 2024 and October 2025 following below schedule:
August 31, 2024 (Sat)
Orientation @KidZania Koshien
September 21 (Sat) – 23 (Mon/Public holiday), 2024
“Water and Air” work experience @Suntory Natural Water Sanctuary Okudaisen and Daikin Ares Aotani
During Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan
Children's Summit @Expo venue
Target grades: 4th grade to 8th grade students (at the time of application)
Number of Participants: 24 students
Participation Fee: 5,000 yen
*Participation fee will be used to supplement part of the transportation costs between the meeting place and actual venue of “Water and Air” work experience
*Participants are responsible for their own transportation to the meeting place for each program
Application Period: From 10:00 Tuesday, June 25 until 23:59 Sunday, July 21
Application URL:
Results: The secretariat will review each application and will contact every applicant on the results by Friday, July 26 

Program contents are subject to change. Please check the dedicated website for further details.

Image of “Water and Air” work experience

About Suntory Holdings Limited and Daikin Industries, Ltd.’s participation in Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan
Suntory Holdings Limited and Daikin Industries, Ltd. are supporting Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan as Platinum Partners for Future Society Showcase. The two companies will also jointly present “Under the Midnight Rainbow,” a spectacular water-based spectacle show based on the themes of “water” and “air” (see News Release No.14510). The SDGs program for the next generation is the second joint participation by the two companies.

As a corporation sustained by the gifts of nature and water, Suntory Group cannot produce any of its products without water. The company believes it is its responsibility to protect and pass on this precious natural water resource to future generations through initiatives such as the Natural Water Sanctuary Initiative and Suntory “Mizuiku”* — education program for nature and water. The company hopes that the water spectacle show and the SDGs program for the next generation will provide an opportunity for more people to share this belief.
*“Mizuiku” is a registered trademark of Suntory Holdings Limited.

As a company that engages in "Perfecting the Air" around the world, Daikin has contributed to creating the ideal air for each climate and culture in more than 170 countries and regions. Daikin's mission is to continue providing comfort and peace of mind to people all over the world. The company will continue to proactively address social issues related to air, which is important for the global environment, and to pave the way for a sustainable and prosperous future for people. The company hope that many people will feel the possibilities and value of air at Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan.

About “Out of KidZania”
“Out of KidZania (” is a program which allows children to go one step beyond the work they normally experience in KidZania for more realistic work experiences out of the KidZania facility into real workplaces and communities. Many children have experienced a variety of jobs in the local communities, companies, organizations, and government agencies in past programs. Through these experiences, the initiative aims to broaden children’s worlds by helping them discover various aspects through the work experience, arousing their curiosity, inquisitive mind and have fun learning about society in the real world.

About Suntory Group
As a global leader in the beverage industry, Suntory Group offers a uniquely diverse portfolio of products, from premium spirits, beer, wine, ready-to-drink alcohol beverages, to brewed teas, bottled water, still and carbonated soft drinks, ready-to-drink coffee and energy drinks, along with health and wellness products. Suntory is home to award-winning Japanese whiskies Yamazaki, Hibiki and Hakushu, as well as iconic American spirits Jim Beam and Maker's Mark. Suntory also fascinates the taste buds with The Premium Malt's beer, and owns the exceptional Japanese wine, Tomi, and the world-famous Château Lagrange. Its brand collection includes Sauza Tequila, non-alcoholic favorites Orangina, Lucozade, Ribena, BOSS coffee, Iyemon green tea, Suntory Tennensui water, TEA+ Oolong Tea, V and BRAND’S, as well as popular health and wellness product Sesamin EX.

Founded as a family-owned business in 1899 in Osaka, Japan, Suntory Group has grown into a global company operating throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania, with an annual revenue (excluding excise taxes) of $20.9 billion in 2023. Its 41,511 employees worldwide draw upon the unique blend of Japanese artisanship and global tastes to explore new product categories and markets.

As a corporation sustained by the gifts of nature and water, Suntory Group will always protect the ecosystems that deliver water. Because its ecosystem is the wellspring, not only of its business and the rich experiences the group creates for people's lives, but also of human life itself. Suntory Group will continue to be a company where everyone is empowered with the freedom and flexibility to innovate. Through all of its corporate pursuits, Suntory seeks to inspire the brilliance of life.

Learn more about Suntory Group, its brands, and its commitment to social responsibility and sustainability at, on Facebook, X, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

About Daikin Industries
Founded in 1924, in Osaka, Japan, Daikin Industries, Ltd is a leading global HVAC&R (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration) manufacturer, which now has more than 120 production sites worldwide, operating in more than 175 countries and regions. Sales in its air conditioning business achieved the global No. 1 position, and net sales of the Daikin Group reached 4 trillion yen in FY2023.

As the only company in the world to manufacture both air conditioners and refrigerants, Daikin provides products and services utilizing environmental technologies to people around the world. Daikin’s core air conditioning business represents a critical component of social infrastructure. Together with transforming the indoor environment in hot regions, it has contributed to people’s health through heatstroke prevention and improvement of air quality, which has also helped to increase labor efficiency.

On the other hand, growing electricity demand resulting from the use of air conditioning has become a major issue. Worldwide demand for air conditioning is forecast to triple current levels by 2050. Daikin’s mission to society is to reduce the future impacts of global warming to every extent possible while providing a safe, reliable, comfortable, and healthy air environment in response to elevated demand from the COVID-19 pandemic. It remains committed to being a company that can recognize the actions that must be taken in order to use these solutions to environmental and social issues as a way of unlocking business growth.

Read more on and LinkedIn

KCJ GROUP operates and develops vocational and social experience facilities for children between the ages of 3 and 15, which are : KidZania Tokyo (opened in October 2006), KidZania Koshien (opened in March 2009) and KidZania Fukuoka (opened in July 2022).
"KidZania" is a city approximately 2/3 the size of the real world, with various establishments partnered by real companies where a variety of different jobs and services can be experienced. 

KidZania's concept is “Edutainment”, a combination of “Education” and “Entertainment”. It is a “Child-centered city” where children can try jobs they like and learn about the workings of society while having fun.

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