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SNS Terms of Use

Suntory Holdings Limited, Suntory Beverage & Food Limited, Suntory Products Limited, Suntory Wellness Limited, Suntory Spirits Limited, Suntory Beer Limited, Suntory Wine International Limited, Suntory Liquors Limited, Suntory Business Expert Limited, Suntory Global Innovation Center Limited and Suntory Midorie Limited (individually or collectively, "Suntory") have established the following terms (the "Terms") concerning the use of social networking services ("SNS") on which Suntory maintains its account.

Guidelines for Use

Thank you for visiting the SNS account page of Suntory (the "Suntory SNS Page").
Suntory asks all who use the Suntory SNS Page ("Users") to observe the terms of use established by the relevant SNS operating company, and the Terms (collectively, the "SNS Terms of Use") in submitting comments, photos, videos, links and other content (collectively, "User Content"). The Terms shall apply to all Users.
Suntory may delete, or take any measures deemed necessary against, items that fall under, or may fall under, any of the following items ("Items for Deletion") on the Suntory SNS Page, even if such items are User Content.

  • Items which have no relevance to the Suntory SNS Page
  • Items which are defamatory or violate the rights of third parties
  • Items which contain personal information
  • Items which contain illegal information or obscene content
  • Unauthorized upload of software of which the rights are protected
  • Upload of files that contain harmful content, such as viruses, etc
  • Items for which the signature or statutory notice has been removed
  • Items for which the creator is falsely cited
  • Items related to political or religious advertisement, promotion or solicitation
  • Items which are contrary to the concept of moderate consumption of alcohol
  • Items otherwise deemed inappropriate by Suntory in administering the Suntory SNS Page

Please note that the Suntory SNS Page is operated by the relevant SNS operating company. Suntory cannot answer any question as to the system status and technical matters relating to SNS themselves, and the function and method of use of third party applications that can be used on SNS.

Click here for the guidelines for submitting alcohol-related posts.

Users' Obligations and Responsibilities

Users shall assume full legal responsibility for posts submitted by them to the Suntory SNS Page. Users shall also assume full responsibility for all repercussions arising from their violation of the SNS Terms of Use, and shall be responsible for compensation for damages, or any other costs arising from such violation. Suntory shall not be responsible in any way for Users' action on the Suntory SNS Page.
Furthermore, Users shall use the Suntory SNS Page under their own responsibility, use any information obtained through their use of the Suntory SNS Page at their own discretion and responsibility, and shall be liable for any obligation and damage arising from the use of such information.

SNS Accounts of Suntory

  • Account Name: See the basic information on each Suntory SNS Page.
  • Administrator: See the basic information on each Suntory SNS Page.
  • Period of operation: The Suntory SNS Page may cease operation or be deleted without notice.
  • Copyrights in content, posts and comments shown in the Suntory SNS Page, and rights in images and videos on the Page shall belong to Suntory or any other rightholder recognized by Suntory. The Suntory SNS Page shall not guarantee correctness or completeness of information in connection with content, posts, comments, photos and videos on the Suntory SNS Page.
  • Users agree that the Suntory SNS Page may make use of or quote any comments, images, etc. submitted by Users to the Suntory SNS Page, without charge or any notice to the Users, for the purpose of administering content, and for promotional campaigns within the Suntory SNS Page. Such use or quotation may involve minor modifications required for that purpose. Suntory does not reply to all Users' posts or comments on the Suntory SNS Page.
  • Access to Users' basic information: By using the Suntory SNS Page, a User shall be deemed to allow the other Users to access their name, profile photo, gender, network, user ID, and other open information registered with the SNS.
  • Please note that any content provided by Suntory on Suntory SNS Page may be modified, added or discontinued without notice.
  • If Users submit a post containing content deemed inappropriate by Suntory, Suntory may block such Users' activity, including access to and submission of comments to the Suntory SNS Page, without obtaining the Users' consent.

Validity and Modification of the Terms

The Terms shall come into effect as of February 27, 2015. Suntory may modify the Terms without Users' consent.

Guidelines for Submitting Alcohol-related Posts

Suntory considers promotion of moderate consumption of alcohol to be its social responsibility, so requests that Users observe moderation in regards to alcohol on the Suntory SNS Page.
For this reason, in addition to the Items for Deletion, any User Content that falls under, or may fall under, any of the following events may be deleted.

  • If any person posting a comment or appearing in a submitted photo is not (or does not appear to be) old enough to consume alcohol legally
  • If the content encourages consumption of alcohol under the age at which drinking is legally permitted
  • If the content encourages excessive consumption of alcohol or irresponsible drinking
  • If the content encourages driving a car or performing tasks that otherwise require concentration while drinking or under the influence of alcohol
  • If the content encourages consumption of alcohol during pregnancy or lactation
  • If the content implies that alcohol and other beverages of Suntory are preferred due to their high alcohol content
  • If the content is critical of individuals who do not drink alcohol
  • If the content relates to eating and drinking in conjunction with illegal or anti-social behavior
  • If the content is otherwise deemed inappropriate by Suntory in administering the Suntory SNS Page