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The concept that R&D is the life source of a manufacturer has been rooted in Suntory since our founding. We have been offering new values through product development by accumulating technologies and expertise, such as the technology for the application of microorganisms and enzymes when making alcoholic beverages as well as the distillation technology. Aiming for the sustainable growth of the Suntory Group toward the future, we will continue to promote R&D to create new values.

Taking on the Challenge to
Create Excellent Taste

We have been developing numerous market-leading products, including non-alcoholic beverages, such as Suntory Oolong Tea, BOSS coffee and Iyemon green tea, and also alcoholic beverages, such as Yamazaki and Hibiki whiskies and The Premium Malt's beer.

Taking on the Challenge to
Promote Health

Building on a broad range of research concerning health, such as on antioxidants and immunological control, we have developed health foods containing ingredients such as sesamin and arachidonic acid.
Successful development results include creative products such as Prodia and Lactect, health foods containing the Lactobacillus S-PT84 strain discovered by Suntory.

Taking on the Challenge to Make a Blue Rose

Using biotechnology, we have successfully developed the world's first blue rose, something that had always been considered impossible. Since 2009, blue roses, which are called β€˜SUNTORY blue rose APPLAUSE,’ have been delivered to customers.

Taking on the Challenges for Water and the Environment

Based on our corporate philosophy, β€œIn Harmony with People and Nature,” we are devoting efforts to basic research, such as on the water cycle and water quality, and also the protection of water sources, the formulation of water preferences and the value of water. In addition to these initiatives to achieve sustainability of water resources, we also provide the latest information on water as an information center.

R & D base

In Suntory, R & D activities are conducted in collaboration with R & D bases of group companies around the world.