Our Pledge

New Research. New Creations. Every Day.

"Yatte Minahare — Go for it!"
As this motto symbolizes, Suntory has always been the creator of new pleasing tastes and new lifestyle culture, bringing abundance and happiness to our lives everywhere.

Our history is also the co-existence with nature’s bounty: water and crops, as well as yeasts and other microorganisms.
At the same time, we have researched these blessings scientifically, sublimating them into new pleasing tastes, new moving experiences.

Every day, new research, new creations ——
Needless to say, these are supported by unfading curiosity, the delight of discovery, and, most importantly, the smiles of our customers.

At the Suntory World Research Center, our dearest wish is to meet and welcome you who sympathize with these feelings.
This is a place where diverse knowledge from around the world comes together, a place where new moving experiences are created.
Let us open the door to the unknown together, in hopes of even greater smiles for our customers.

Our Pledge

We research the essence of pleasing tastes, creating delightful tastes that resonate with people.

We research the essence of life, creating a healthy, lively tomorrow.

We research the blessings of nature, and to ensure that these blessings remain for future generations, we contribute to the recreation of a sustainable world.

We position "safety and reliability" for all our research and creation initiatives.