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Suntory Prize for Social Sciences and Humanities


The Suntory Prize for Social Sciences and Humanities is awarded each year to individuals who have made original, distinguished contributions in research or criticism through publications that adopt a broad perspective on society and culture.

The Prize is awarded in four categories: Political Science and Economics, Literary and Art Criticism, Life and Society, and History and Civilization. Selection committees in each category recommend and select the winning individuals and works. Winners receive a plaque and three million yen.

Works selected for consideration will have been published in Japanese during the preceding calendar year. In particular, the selection committees seek individuals who are rising critics or researchers of considerable originality and future potential, and works that distinctively represent the author's views or emphasis. The candidate's other published works to date may also be taken into consideration in the selection process.

Since there are few prizes to honor achievements in criticism and research on a broad basis, an important role of the Suntory Prize for Social Sciences and Humanities is to showcase free-ranging criticism and research unconstrained by conventional categories.

A total of 362 people have been awarded the Prize from 1979, when it was established, through the 43rd Prize in 2021. These individuals have won acclaim for innovative approaches to their subjects, for research at the boundaries of conventional scholarship, and for opening up new frontiers.

The 43rd(2021) Prize Winners

Political Science and Economics
NameNakai Ryo
AffiliationThe University of Kitakyushu
Title in English"Xenophobia and Nationalism in Europe: What Surveys Tell Us"
Original Title『欧州の排外主義とナショナリズム ―― 調査から見る世論の本質』
NameNakanishi Yoshihiro
AffiliationKyoto University
Title in English"Rohingya Crisis: Truth of the "Ethnic Cleansing""
Original Title『ロヒンギャ危機 ―― 「民族浄化」の真相』
Literary and Art Criticism
NameKawase Itsushi
AffiliationNational Museum of Ethnology
Title in English"Singer Poets in the Ethiopian Highlands: People Who Live by Singing"
Original Title『エチオピア高原の吟遊詩人 ―― うたに生きる者たち』
NameHorii Kazuma
AffiliationWaseda University, Tsuda University
Title in English"The Nation State and the Uncanny: The Others Within in the Literature of Post-Russo-Japanese War Period"
Original Title『国民国家と不気味なもの ―― 日露戦後文学の〈うち〉なる他者像』
Life and Society
NameKojima Yohei
AffiliationThe University of Tokyo
Title in English"The Hisotory of SARAKIN : Consumer Finance and Japanease Society"
Original Title『サラ金の歴史 ―― 消費者金融と日本社会』
NameTakekura Fumito
AffiliationIndependent researcher
Title in English”Dogū RevealedーUnraveling the Mystery of Ancient Figurines from Jōmon Period”
Original Title『土偶を読む ―― 130年間解かれなかった縄文神話の謎』
History and Civilization
NameKamimura Tsuyoshi
AffiliationJSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists
Title in English"The Birth of Separation of Powers: The Reception of The Spirit of Laws in the British Empire"
Original Title『権力分立論の誕生 ―― ブリテン帝国の『法の精神』受容』
NameKitamura Yoko
AffiliationNagoya University
Title in English"Disabled Veterans in German Society. Experiences in the 20th Century and the Rise of the Welfare State"
Original Title『戦争障害者の社会史 ―― 20世紀ドイツの経験と福祉国家』